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Hello from east TN


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I've been lurking for a while and decided I'd better make it official...

Two months ago I shot my first USPSA match in 13 years. In the late 90's I competed for a while using my (then-new) Clackamas Kimber classic in a Bianchi hemisphere. The magazine ban was in full effect, and there was no way for me to get a "competitive" gun for Limited or Open without selling my car to pay for magazines. That, plus some frustrations with how my local club was run, plus a spouse who really preferred shotguns, got me heavily into sporting clays for about a decade.

We moved, and the decent sporting clays ranges are now a pretty hefty drive. So a couple years ago, I tried Steel Challenge (loved it!) but got back into some other hobbies for a while. However, I've run into some folks I work with who are pretty active in the action pistol part of my club. I looked at the rules and found out that my old Kimber could now be competitive in Single Stack as well as IDPA. My old belt rig is long gone, so I bought some cheap Uncle Mike's gear and headed out.

Wow, I'd forgotten what an amazing rush this sport can be. While there's nothing like breaking clays with an Italian O/U, USPSA is the ultimate "running with scissors" rush. Since that match, I've bought a Double Alpha belt, I'm getting a new holster and mag pouches, and just purchased a conversion for my Kimber to shoot .22lr.

Now I'm looking hard at 3 gun and getting a USPSA Production-worthy 9mm (CZ75 is where I'm at now). I find it somewhat ironic that although I own 10 shotguns, not a single one of them is usable for 3 gun. At least I have a decent midlength AR that I think will work.

Sorry for the length, this is me in a nutshell. I am fortunate to have found a club that shoots IDPA, USPSA, USPSA 3-gun, and Steel Challenge every month. Boy do I need a progressive press now!

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I'm in Knoxville, and I shoot at ORSA. I work with a couple folks who are big into steel challenge and IDPA, but I want to try 3-gun. I've just borrowed a bit more of a tactical pump shotgun that I can at least use to try it. Looks like the last two weekends this month might get busy!

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