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  1. Linda, I am having trouble with the registration site for AM. Is the website down?
  2. I have a fixed front wheel stroller that has served me well. At the last match, my stuff and my son's stuff was on my stroller and it was quite heavy. I am going to add a second stroller and think I might want to limit my search to a swivel front wheel. Has anyone had both? Which did you like better? Why?
  3. I have finally decided I am going to get a PCC to get in on the fun. I am leaning towards a JP GMR-15. I haven't owned a rifle with a JP Thermal Dissipator. I also haven't run a PCC much. Is the Thermal Dissipator needed? In the unlikely event I decide to sell it later, will the Thermal Dissipator help resale value? The rest of the options are pretty straight forward, I just need some input from folks with experience to advise if the Thermal Dissipator is worth the weight and cost.
  4. I purchased a lifter for my M2 from Jeff to fix an issue I was having with a lifter welded by another shop. It worked perfectly. Later, I purchased a very lightly used M2 for my son that had all the records of Jeff's work. That gun has been perfect. Knowing what I know now I only have Jeff or Steve Rose of Rose Action Sports work on my shotguns.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with Tresna Defense? https://tresnadefense.com/shop/competition/tresna™-jag9g-rr-range-ready-rifle
  6. You need to anodize first because the Cerakote needs it for good adhesion.
  7. Big thanks to the Rockcastle staff, the Nobles, Gary Wellborn, Linda Chico, John Harris, Joe Harris, all the folks who RO'd, and the sponsors - Doublestar, Adams Arms, Brownells, Crucible Arms, etc. - for another GREAT ProAm match weekend. Your efforts are recognized & appreciated! I would also like to call out a big thank you to Tom Carpenter who patiently coached my buddies & I. Hopefully we can live up to the expertise you shared at some point! R4B
  8. My experience is limited to Storm-Lake. I have put in 4 of their barrels in a 17, 34, and two 35's They all group around 1.25 to 1.5. 1 dropped in, the other 3 required a little fitting. The biggest difference I obtained was the guns now shoot POA/POI with a greater variety if ammunition (ball vs. HP).
  9. rust4brains

    Glock porn

    Mine were done by Mod1. Great work and great pricing.
  10. Good luck with your search. I went through the same project a few years ago. We tried everything available then. I wish the M3k was available.... But he settled on an M2 12ga. So I just made it happen. He has been very happy ever since. Even plugs it & shoots it when we duck hunt.
  11. I had a shooter with one at our April monthly club match. The only mod he had was an extended tube. It ran with no issues. However he stated it was a recent acquisition. It was a nice piece. R4B
  12. Mr. Kelley, Which specific model Blade Tech & Center of Mass are you using. Thanks.
  13. As stated in the title. I need a holster recommendation for my 17L. I would like good retention but don't want a level III. This will be used for 3-Gun.
  14. rust4brains

    Glock porn

    My 34 and 17L done by Mod1. Grip and feel are greatly enhanced. Visually, well I just like lookin' at them... I will be sending more work to Pike.
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