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Wilson Value sear and hammer


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Hello, Ok so I have a new pistol. I have installed a wilson value line sear and hammer and stoned off the rough spots and touched up the top of the sear spring

where it meets the disconnect. Trigger feels okay. Problem is that with the slide pushed in a quarter inch or so the hammer will release and if you hold the

trigger and rack the slide the hammer follows. Stoned the disconnect (just enough to remove the color and get a shine). I have a sear jig but have not used it

in several years. The sear sticks above the .020 shim by about .005. Or maybe the angle has changed on the sear I have not used the jig in several years and

did not use it alot then. How could I check it? Have changed the sear spring with the one in my

para and it does the same thing. So I do not think it is the sear spring. Any help would be appreciated.

Johnny McKenzte

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I would take it to a gunsmith who can show you what is going on, so you know for later. Then write it down....that is what I have done... :wacko:

Now, sounds like you need to increase tension on the left leg of the sear spring, but get some help so you can enjoy your new gun!



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It's always risky offering an opinion on the internet about a gun function, so please take this as advice, and not direction.

Moving the slide should only be moving the disconnect; from the first problem you describe, it sounds like the disconnect/sear interface is an issue. I'd take the slide, grips, grip safety and safety off and cock the hammer, then push the disconnect down to see how it's interacting with the sear. That might show you what you need to know-

As far as the hammer following the slide, could be the same thing, could be something different. Isolate variables and go after one issue at a time.


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Thanks, it was the disconnecter.

Just curious, what was happening specifically?

gunsmiths and they told how to check your pistol


I went to one of the custom gunsmiths and they told how to check your pistol as far as the trigger job. In the article he said to after making sure the pistol was unloaded to cock the hammer

and then to push the slide back about a quarter of an inch and pull the hammer. If the hammer falls then you have a bad disconnecter most likley. So my 1911 failed this test. From there I took it took a local pistol smith and he had several disconnecters and installed that and a new sear. Working great now.


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