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putting on a good match, the Venue

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Where are you going to have the match? There are many things to consider in your selection for the

venue. I have been to nice ranges that shouldnt have big matches held there and poor ranges that put

on great matches. A MD needs to think about what things they must have and what things will simply

make the experience more enjoyable. Can the venue safely hold a match of the size you anticipate?

Does it have all the equipment needed? Will you need to supplement the equipment? Does it have

electricity, water, adequate restroom facilities? Is there ample parking? Are the roads suitable for cars

in all weather? What is the regional weather like for your time of year? How fast can medical help

arrive? If its a longer than 10-15 minutes, can I support an onsite medical unit? How difficult is it to

locate with directions? Are there ample hotel accommodations within 30-45 minutes? All these things

should be in the must have easily column. In the column marked nice to have, are there ample food

establishments within 30-45 minutes? Will you provide food during the match? How are the bugs,

snakes, and poisonous plants? Can I support a match gunsmith? Is there room for a sight in or function

fire range? Is radio contact with the ROs possible? What is mobile phone service like in the area? Are

the stages handicapped accessible? All these things should be considered when deciding on a venue,

they all make the match more suitable, easier, and convenient for everyone.

Our two most controversial topics Divisions/Prize tables will follow,....................thanks

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