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.308 AR rear sight options


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What about the front sight? I noticed when shooting 300 yd targets with my FAL it seems like the front post covers a lot of the target, is it normal for guys to put a thinner front post on or does it get too hard to pick up?

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Most of the top guys run a thin front post, somewhere in the area

of .035" to .055".

I know of at least one top shooters that runs a very small fiber optic front.

I am playing around with going back to a slightly wider front as an experiment as my

eyes seem to find it better and I shoot better when I KNOW I am SEEING my front sight,

we'll see how that works out.

It is odd that WIDE fronts were the rage in Metallic Handgun Silhouette and back in the day

set I a National Record or two with a T/C Contender so equipped.

That said I have been running a .050" front on my M1A's for 5 years, the results have been.......OK.

Buy, try and try again. What nearly always works is............practice!

Good Luck


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