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Thanks for ALL of your input, on my problems mounting my 6"Barrel 10m/m Witness Hunter with a Red Dot Sight..

It took 2 weeks to get delivery of the pre-drilled Tanfoglio RHT Mount from S. AFRICA, but they answered any and all questions I had.. :D

I purchased the C-More STS, it requires NO ADAPTOR and has a BATTERY DRAWER.. (no need to remove sight to change it) :bow:

I sold the Burris STS on eBay and took a $50 loss.. :blush: and JUNKED the EAA recommended "OVERSIZED" BRIDGE / WEAVER RAIL MOUNT another $140 loss.. :(

NOW I NEED A HOLSTER for this rig.. :sight:



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I have a Speed sec 5 for my EAA open gun. It would probably work for your hunter.

LOOKS like a lot to carry in the woods :surprise: Is it a 10mm; ie: 1290 fps w/ 649 # of knock down power.. :rolleyes:

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Looks nice,..how do you like the sight?

I have tanfoglio Limited Custom .40, and recently purchased a .40 comp'd barrel for it. Basic 3 port comp. I am waiting on my tan STS sight and the same mount. The comp'd barrel was basically plug and play, although the comp had to be turned a tad to allow the guide rode to travel clean.

I am not concerned about mag capacity, as in Canada even Open division can only utilize 10rds in the mag. For now I am using the same ammmo out of my .40 loaded at about 175pf using a 180gr head. Shoots really soft out of my comp barrel.

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