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Texas Star Manufacturers

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Easy question.

Original invented by Terry Ashton, sold as the Texas Star. Best latch system available, can be set up for .22 (or Cowboy Action) as well as the standard springs for center fire/full power cartridges. Downside: not rifle grade. The San Angelo club is still using the prototype after almost ten years, and it still works fine.

MGM's is all rifle grade steel. The latch system is OK, and Mike was polite enough to talk to Terry before producing his own design based on Terry's original pattern. Like all of Mike's targets, of course, his star is solid like rock and well worth the money.

There R other versions, but the latch system on those sucks and the company that makes them just ripped off Terry's design and claimed "innovation" on an vastly inferior product. One hit often gives multiple plates as the latches fail due to poor construction. Garbage.

My advice: Texas Star for general use, MGM for rifle grade, and avoid anything else like the post-binge spew it is :)


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