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Any way to resize video?

Bryan 45

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I've taken video of a few 3 gun matches now and I'd like to share some stages, but the files are huge! A 60 second stage is around 120MB. Is there a way to resize the video to something that can be posted or does it have to be recorded in a lower resolution to make a smaller file?


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Edit: Oops, I thought you meant resolution. If you mean "size" wise, Windows Movie Maker will do it.

Here's how:


Also, Youtube will automatically reduce the quality and size of your videos to fit on their servers.

If you meant resolution:

Adobe premier elements can resize video as easily as you can resize the window you're typing on.

It's expensive though - I use it through my school so I avoided paying for it.

You can see examples of it in my team's videos (in signature).

I resize videos so I can combine two or more different angles into one scene.

Edit: I'd love to do it for you but a file of that size probably won't fit through your pipe and definitely not mine. I can only do 16.93MBPS down and 1.08 MBPS under perfect conditions but I'm sure there is someone who might be able to help you here. Good luck!

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When I try to open the video w/ Windows Movie Maker, it give me an error it can't be imported and says "An interface has too many methods to fire events from"

I'm guessing that's because of the size?

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