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Rear Sight Blade?


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Got to use my new 686 dash nothing in an ICORE match yesterday and am in love with Retro!! But my elderly eyes in a middle aged body don't pick up that black front sight as readily as they do FO!

So, I want to replace the existing .170" patridge front with a SDM .250 FO green front, but am not sure what height rear blade to order for use in conjunction with the new front?? Which should I get?

I hate to modify the gun from stock and I'd like to keep the gun as "Retro" as possible, but I gotta be able to see that front sight a little better.


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You may want to contact Warren, aka "Toolguy" here on the forum. I have one of his green FO on my 617, and it works very well. The 617 requires a much shorter front sight than the .250 and .300 SDM's that I have on my 625's. That might keep you from having to swap out your rear sight. I would imagine he makes them in all different heights. Below is his dealer forum thread:


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If you plan to use a factory S&W rear sight blade I would measure the one you are currently using so that you can figure out which front sight you need. I have found that with the factory rear blades that it takes a 160 rear blade to be able to have a deep enough notch to properly see the fiber optic in the front. You may find that you will need to go to a .300 front after doing the math on what you are using now. As stated above, check out what Warren (toolguy, Protocall Design) can provide for you.

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