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FN SLP - choke question


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The manual says that my gun should have included a cylinder choke (no notches) and an improved cylinder choke (4 notches). I received:

1. 3 notch choke that says lead shot Modified / steel shot Full

2. 4 notch choke that says lead shot improved cylinder / steel shot Modified

What did your gun come with?

Slugs - is it okay to shoot a 2 3/4" lead rifled slug through the choke with 4 notches? I am a bit concerned that the 4 notch choke says "modified". I don't want to damage the gun.


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I have the Winchester SX2 which is the same design and you can shoot the slugs through the 4 notch choke. Steel shot patterns 1 choke tighter than lead since the steel shot won't compress like lead shot will. The chokes that FNH supplies with thier shotguns are designed to handle steel shot and are made alot harder so they won't expand into the choke threads of your barrel.

You could shoot slugs through either of your chokes but most of the guys I shoot with use the IC since they don't have to change chokes when they go back to shooting birdshot. My shotgun with the IC choke, off a rest, will shoot consistant 3 inch slug groups at 50 yards.

If you still have doubts, e-mail FNH and they will let you know. They are a great company to deal with.


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My SLP came with two tubes, one marked CYL - Lead and the other IMP CYL - Lead. I have a feeling I may have answered your question on another forum also? If you really have a tube marked MOD - Lead, I'd call FN and get a replacement, which I would guess they would send you for free.

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Don't replace the modified choke you will need it.

Most guys are running either modified or light modified chokes. Steel can be challenge with a improved or a cylinder.

My SX2 runs slugs better through a modified than an improved

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