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hello everyone, i shoot my xdm 9mm in uspsa production. has anyone used a 14lb recoil spring? iam shooting 147 grain atlanta arms ammo very soft shooting. i have a 16lb spring but want to try a 14lb spring. anyone with this setup?

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i was kind of wondering how light of a recoil spring i can run in my xdm9 when shooting 124g 136pf loads ive mainly stuck with the 16lb spring which works reliably but idk maybe if i could run a 14lb spring without any trouble maybe it would reduce muzzle flip to a greater degree? i dont notice a terrible difference between the factory 18lb and the 16lb tbh

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I run 14# springs in both my XDM 9 and 40. No problems with either, other than when I tried some ammo that the OAL was too long. My 40 is my go to gun for IDPA, but I do reload my own ammo. I tried Atlanta Arms minor in it and had nothing but trouble. Mostly failure to feed due to the flat nose bullet. Zeros or Montana Gold are much better for me.

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