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Shooting Limited again


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Went to the dark side about two 1/2 years ago for the usual reasons: old age, crappy eyes, the chick magnet factor of F1 style guns, you know... all the good reasons. Got to say I have really enjoyed the heck out of it and made some decent progress in my shooting skills. Recently I sent my old Tac Sport out to Rich at Canyon Creek who did his magic and when it came back I played with it a little bit out at the range. Hmmm... this is kinda fun. Shot a match with it last weekend and realized that if I shoot cross dominant I can use my "better" eye and have a pretty good view of the front sight. Had a blast shooting the match. Getting ready to shoot it again this weekend and am even contemplating shooting Limited at the Northern AZ Classic at the end of the month.

Not sure why it feels so fun right now. Might just be because it is different or because I am using the eye that actually works pretty well but I will say I am really surprised at how much I like shooting a division I intentionally left.

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I also picked up the Lim gun again this year after shooting Revo for a year and a half. Maybe it's just something different but the limited feel good!

I intend to go back to revolver but for now having fun with limited. I feel like I am shooting better than when I stopped shooting limited

Thanks for bringing this up

Dan C

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I've been shooting open since the Nationals trying hard to love it, but like you a pretty limited gun can turn my head and first thing you know I got my hands on her, and I'm liking it. A man can have more than one gun and can enjoy shooting more than one division nothing wrong with that. Its nice to go to a limited gun with those soft sweet pulses they call recoil seems real tame compared to the loud abruptness of the open gun. No monogomy required with your guns.

Enjoy all of them.

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