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Part of the primer/ammo shortage problem


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My unit assigned here in Kabul is responsible for training and equipping the Afghan National Police and Army. Part of the equipping process is changing the standard weapon of the Afghan National Army fron AKs and their variants to M16-A2s.

I firmly believe this change over is part (but not all) of the reason there's been a shortage of brass, bullets, and primers. Think about amount of ammo needed to equip an Army with new weapons. The planned size of the ANA is 170,000. The soldiers get about 350 rounds of ammo for transition and qualification that's nearly 60 million rounds of ammo just to qualify on your new weapon. The total will be well over a billion rounds of ammo when you add in current usage for combat operations, training, practice, and war reserves.

Then add in the ammo the US Army and all of our coalition partners are using for combat operations here plus in training to preparing to deploy - the amounts of ammo required are staggering.



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Dave, I have a friend in the ammo business. When

things got tough over a year ago RE:reloading stuff,

he told me how much of this was due to just what you


But we have to look at it this way-If our people

in the armed forces cant do their job, both here and

over seas, because they dont have the proper amounts

of firearm related items, than "we the people" will have

one hell of a mess in OUR back yards!

I dont like the shortages either, no one does, but as of

today I have not missed a match do to the lack of items.

Has it been hard getting stuff-yes- but not inpossible.

Thank you for your post-it is well worth the ink. :cheers:

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