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How am I doing?


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What are you classed? I'm a C class shooter in production and noticed a few things I do different. You can't really run with both hands on the gun like you can when you drop the weak hand. Get the gun up high in your strong hand and haul ass! It's easier to keep the gun oriented that way for me as well. Looks like you almost pointed it at your foot at one point. Just don't sweep your weak hand either. On the door stage. When you went to the barrels on the right and then tried engaging the steel on the move you had some misses that cost you time AND you went to a standing reload right after to finish the cof. Time killer! I probably would have engaged the targets behind the barrels and then reloaded on the move to set up on the steel and the last few targets with a full mag. Or took the steel from the barrels and then reloaded on the move forward for the last few targets. I guess I am used to that because of shooting production. I reload almost every time my feet move.

How were your hits? The runs look like you had good control of the gun while shooting except for the few misses on the steel.

Fun Ain't it?

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Lots of good things. Some basics need some polish. Pay attention to your hands like on the door stage and the one with the gongs. You will be faster on the draw and better balanced when both hands move at the same time, the left hand is getting left behind. You seem to turret correctly but I would like to see a little more bend in the knees and a little more agressive stance. When you are shooting a broad array from a box always make sure your position is such that you first shot is great and you have enough bend in the knees to make the last shot by turreting the upper body.

While certainly you might have had good hits on the move you need to get a little Gracho Marks walk on so you are more stable and time your shots so that you have one foot off the ground, don't shoot as the foot hits the gound.

Gun keeps going down when moving then has to be brought back up it should be mounted during the last step and ready to fire when you hit the spot. Coast into position for a smoth landing and explode out of it.

I may well be a career C but I'm working on B before Super Senior, I RO a lot and I pay attention to the good shooters, I learned the basics from Matt Burkett.

Did I say you looked fast and you had to be shooting minor that gun wasn't even flenching, good recoil control. If you are not an A, A is not far off concentrate on your foot work and movement skill you are shoting plenty too fast, but you could get there quicker and smoother.

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First thing I noticed were your movements. You seem timid. If you take more than 2 steps without being able to shoot at something take your weak hand off the gun and use to help balance and move faster. The biggest thing that stood out was your shooting on the move. You need to get lower. At 47secs your running into a position very upright. When your try to stop your momentum carries you forward and off balance. You had to take a small step. Do a search for "Duck walk" and shooting on the move. Using that technique allows you to enter into a position much harder but still remain very stable. I would be curious what your hits where on those targets.

I like your transitions, your snapping the gun well but don't be afraid to push them more.


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