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  1. Alright so here are my findings. I knew the 223 XL750 kit would work for 300 Blackout. The only thing I change was to an AK powder funnel and I was in business. Now on to the RL1100. I use a #3 shell plate the same for .223 and the white, pinned case feed insert. It works just fine for 300 blackout. I use a universal FW Arms swage foot die and that is perfect. All I do is swap out tool heads. This is a savings of 600$ or more. Pass this along to anyone that is interested.
  2. Thanks, I had hoped on some similarities. Thanks for the input.
  3. Way behind on orders. I ordered 10k last October and just got them all this past week. I did though ask for the entire order to be shipped together. I had several different calibers and styles sent to me.
  4. Hello all, here is the question without much help on the internet. like the XL750 conversion kit for 223, it can be used for 300 blackout. Is it the same for the RL1100?
  5. I went another route instead. I’m chopping with a ZepReloading jig and then running through the trimmer. Perfect cases with no spin now. It adds another step but hey…. We are reloaders and what’s one extra step LOL
  6. Thanks everyone for the feed back. I will report back my findings
  7. Thanks. The trimmer is a Dillon RT1500 and it’s brand new along with the cutter blade. All I can think is maybe too much lube. I’ll have to try again with less. I only use two pumps for about 200-250 cases. Maybe I’ll cut back on that. Fingers crossed!
  8. No I don’t. It is being converted to 300BO from 223 using the trim die.
  9. Sorry bud. I am using an XL750, Short Tool Head along with the Dillon 300AAC Carbide trim die and RT1500. I get a good stroke when pressing the case into the trim die but no matter what I do it spins and boogers up the base.
  10. Did you have any issues with case spin while trimming? This is killing me and I can’t figure it out
  11. Hello all I need help figuring out why I have case spin while converting .223 to 300 AAC. Nothing I do seems to help and it’s destroying the bottoms of my cases. many help would be greatly appreciated.
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