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    Atlas bipod

    Are they as rugged as the Harris? I have a Harris and versapod bipod I like the way the versa pod feels when shooting, but I got a rifle now with a piccatinny rail so I need to get a new bipod for it or another adapter. The atlas looks very nice, andounts to a piccatinny rail.
  2. I have always run WC 47d's in my Springfield with 8+1 and it seats no diffrent than with 7 rounds in there.
  3. Anyone use these for any length of time? How is the height? Did you get the extensions?
  4. I have an older ced and one of the sensors is bad, does anyone have an old style they don't use anymore? Ced doesn't sell them any more.
  5. Do they still make these? I bought one several years ago, and used it a couple of times then packed it away. Found it the other day and figured I would sell it, but I don't rembet what I paid for it. Tried googling, but couldn't find a price on one. Sold the STI that I had it for so there is no need for it now.
  6. Has anybody had any problems with the fast fire? I just got one to go on a 22/45 and could not get it zeroed. Groups where around 6 in. at 25 yds. so I took it off and used the iron sights and they tightened down to an inch or so. So I know its not the gun. I backed off the set screws to adjust it, but I couldn't get it to settle down enough to zero it. It also keeps going into "sleep mode". I turn it off and then back on and it goes to working again. Tried to call Burris today and was put on hold for 30 min. twice, so I never spoke to anyone but the lady who answered the phone who wasn't very customer oriented.
  7. Dusty

    Larue SPR-E

    I still have plenty of adjustment for windage, I was just curious if this was in normal specs.
  8. I got a SPR-E to mount a MK 4 1.5x5 scope on an ar. I set the scope to mechanical zero and mounted per instructions. I had to move the crosshairs over about 10 MOA to get the windage to line up with the bore. It sighted in fine, but if you look through it the cross hairs are obviously out of center. I thought it could be a problem with the upper reciever being out of alignment with the bbl., so I put the mount and scope on a GAP bolt gun that had a badger Ordanace rail on it. The same thing happened on it, so I am leaning toward it being in the mount. Has anyone else had this problem? I called Larue and asked the guy that answered the phone about it and he seemed displeased that I would call and question the integrity of the mount. He said if it would sight in it was fine. It is not really that big of an issue, I am just curious if this was in normal specs for the mount. And before any body takes this as slander post it is not. I am just trying to get other peoples input from experience.
  9. I am going to mount a 1.5 x5 Leuopold to a flat top. I usually have my nose to the charging handle when prone so do I need the SPR or the SPR-E? Any one have a used one the no longer need? Thanks
  10. I was reading on another forum that some 3 gun shooters where quenching their bbls with water to cool them during long courses of fire. Is this common? Will It damage them?
  11. I was thinking the kit at midway was for moly coating with a powder. It will rub off as you handle the bullets unlike the precision bullets.
  12. I was wondering where you can get the equipment to coat bullets like the precision bullets have on them. I have a cheap source for cast lead bullets, but after a few hundred rounds I have to clean it or it starts gumming up and malfunctioning. I shoot the precision bullets in my .40 and they do nicely.
  13. Has anyone used once fired military brass in 9 major? Just wondering if the cases where stronger?
  14. On an AR with a rifle length gas system will a car buffer tube have the same recoil feel as a rifle buffer tube?
  15. Nobody else has ever seen this?
  16. How much are they and when will they be available to the public?
  17. Is the dust cover rubbing on the bottom of the slide, in other words, if you were looking down the barrel, at 6 O'clock on the portion that holds the recoild spring plug....or on the sides of where the recoil spring plug is? If you are looking down the bbl. with the business end pointed at you the rubbing starts at about the 5 o'clock and goes to about the 2 o'clock
  18. I have a SA Trophy match I got last year and haven't shot it much until now. I noticed that the dustcover is rubbing against the bottom of the slide that holds the recoil spring plug. I relieved the dustcover in the inside with a bit of dremeling and It didn't seem to do much good so I didn't go any further. I looks like the rails may have been a little out of spec. Doesn't hurt reliability or accuracy, just make a nasty rubmark on the slide. Any one else had this problem?
  19. I have already had dealings with botach. Ordered an U.M. kydex holster and mag pouch. 3 weeks later I called to find out what happened to my order and they told me it would be shipped out within a week or so. I then cancelled the order.
  20. I need a XXL 5.11 vest in khaki and was wondering If any body had a tip for the cheapest place to get these at?
  21. I was wondering about the IDPA rule for CDP
  22. I was wondering if the top grandmasters are using them? I haven't tried one, but they look like they might get bumped by accident and drop a mag. Any comments?
  23. Does a Springfield Trophy match with the factory magwell make the weight for CDP?
  24. Does anyone know the closest range to Monroe, LA?
  25. I was in a local shop a month or so back and was listening to the clerk, who I went to school with, tell a group of customers how some people where addicted to drugs, but he was addicted to killing people. This guy has never been in the military, but they have every video on combat tactics and shooting. Kind of pathetic
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