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  1. I’m dry firing at least 4-5 days a week anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I’m usually at the indoor or outdoor range about every other week. Sometimes every week. I’ll use average of 200-250 per live fire session. The dry fire sessions I’m doing with a MantisX. I’d strongly invest that $150.00 on one. It’ll really tell you what you’re really doing wrong. I think it’s really darn accurate too. Good luck!
  2. Glock 43x for concealment. Sometimes my Glock 19 for concealment in the winter time. Soon to be using my gen 5 glock 34 and CZ shadow 2 for USPSA production.
  3. Hi, My name is Kevin Abalos from Las Vegas, NV. How’s everyone? I’m currently a advanced EMT student and working full time in bicycle sales. I’ve been shooting for fun for the last three years. I didn’t start taking it too serious until this past one year or so. I’ve been shooting a Gen 5 Glock 34. I just picked up a CZ Shadow 2 a couple weeks ago. My first hand gun was my gen 4 glock19. Of course not including my 43X concealment. But anyhow, I really, really want to get into USPSA, UPL, etc... I’ve never done no movement work yet. I know I got a lot of homework. I plan on it, though. I got my DAA belt and holster so far. I know I still need more stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of dry firing. Almost every day, I’d say. But hopefully I get to meet some of you out there. Thank you!
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