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  1. Can you share a link to Aandabooks guide? I haven't been able to find a clear guide. CZ Master Race
  2. So I have been having a few of my mags have nosediving issues for my czechmate. It's 2 of my 140s and my big stick. I put grams spring and followers in all of my mags. It seems to have fixed my big stick, but made my 140s worse. When the Follower gets close to the transition to single stack it freezes in the mag, causing no spring pressure. I tried contacting grams 2 weeks ago to send my mags in for tuning but have not had any response to emails or phone calls. Is he still open? Or does anyone know any alternatives to send them into? I also thought of maybe trying to sand down the corners of
  3. Sounds like a similar issue I had. I had to send mine back to Hornady and they fixed it, mostly. My shell shuttle helps index too. My press is finicky. But I would give Hornady a call. CZ Master Race
  4. I thought running blue bullets would foul up the comp very quickly with major loads. Is this not true? I use those for my minor loads currently.
  5. I'm new here but looking for a comp for my tso. Can you direct me to kneeling atlas comps?
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