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  1. hanks for the advice guys. I did read the article on bullseye forum. Very good info there! So I see I have a 1/18.75 twist and will be looking for something other than the 680fps WC I was using for the closer distances. I have tried about 12 brands/speeds/types/price etc and narrowed out a few that shoot better. In retrospect, for the cost I spent, nearly $280, I could have put towards a loader and begin that learning process. Albeit the enjoyment I had shooting and testing all that ammo. I guess I was hoping for some easy advice on a factory load for 50 yards from my GP, and see it’s not so easy.
  2. Correct, the GP100 has: 1:18.75" RH and the WC of the Fed Gold metal Match/Rem Target wc match are 690 muzzle velocity. Sounds like I need a faster round. That said, agin the hotter rounds I found are either cheap white box etc or 20 round defense +P. Guess I was using the WC as I had been shooting a bullseye league at 50 feet and those rounds seemed to work in my GP to my ability. If I'm now shooting steel instead of punching paper, should I move on from the WC? Maybe a .38 +P? I looked at moving to a .357, but again only find SD type loads. Thanks Toolguy
  3. Our club shoots un-timed steel plates at fixed distances to 50 yards. I've been using S&B 148gr WC on the closer targets and group well out to 25 yards (6" plate). However, at the 10" 50 yard plate, my shots are not so steller. I've heard guys say they can group well with their hand loads, but I am still shooting factory. I'm shooting a GP100 6" with a great trigger offhand. The 148 WC's were falling so low that when I hold over higher, the sight base covers the target. I've tried some hotter 158's in semi-wad and round nose, and though the drop is not as bad, the groups are much better. Part of this I think may be the quality of the ammo. It seems the only real quality ammo I can find is self defense HP that are quite expensive. Can I get an opinion on whether a 148 WC can be accurate out to 50 yards? Is there a suggestion on a factory load if so? Frustrated...
  4. Sold! And my LGS has both 2.5 and 7.5 in stock. (and a range) I'm off to try both, and will report back. Thanks ZZT!! ***Update: Went with the Leupold DPP 2.5 moa. I talked to Leupold on the phone and they were saying the 7.5 would be better for anything other than bullseye or rifle applications. I went to try the dots out with this in mind, and leaning that way. Numbers are numbers (moa), but seeing is seeing. The 2.5 seemed bigger than similar size dots I have on other guns; especially when turned up brighter (as zzt suggested) than normal or what I'm used to. The 7.5 delta shape also seemed bigger than expected, and when turned bright, lost it's shape. Unless the delta was right in the center of the glass, it elongated and seemed to change shapes as I moved it. This of course could be in part by my eyesight--but it's me who's going to be using it. I could see how shooting while completely still there could be an advantage there, but not for my application. I hope the 2.5 turned bright will work for me in SC. To my surprise, there was no pic mount with the dot. I knew they have a plethora of base mounts for slides, but thought it came with a generic one for a rail. The store did not have one for my 22/45; I ran to Cabelas, also no joy. Leupold does make the universal rail mount, but if I have to order online, figured I'd look for a direct screw on plate or dovetail.
  5. Z-> you have both RTS2 and DPP, preference? Man 2.5 might be hard for my eyes! I'm debating the RTS2 in 6 moa or DDP in 7.5; thoughts from your experiences? I see the DDP7.5 comes with a triangle reticle--curious about that too
  6. I am looking at putting a new dot on my Mk Iv 22/45 light. Obviously the Railway is the usual choice, however... It seems the unit hasn't really been updated in years other than the click switch. The price is low, but I don't mind spending a bit more. Just seems with my luck, I'll order and a week later something new is introduced. Yes, Yes, don't fix what's not broken, just sayin'. This will be used for SC RFPO btw. Thoughts on whether the larger bulky design is still relevant or should I look to a smaller, lighter unit?
  7. Thanks Z, its does wear a Volq. Comp., and I think that does make it loud enough for the timer. Good point about the HV making the comp work better. I thought the CCI Tac was designed for the longer barrel of a rifle. I'll pick some up and try that as well; I'm beginning to think reliability is more important in SC, and Eley TenX isn't needed. I see some of the guys here are trying the poly CCI in both SV and HV. Hopefully we will get some feedback after continued use.
  8. My First SC match is this Saturday. I have been practicing informally with my Mkiv 22/45L with CCI 40gr Mini's. I see now that many are using CCI Std Vel. I have a ton of that as well as I shoot in my M41PC for BE. Guessing it's not a huge change (maybe gets your sights back down quickly?), but thoughts on which I should bring with me? I do know the gun runs both just fine... As I'm new to this sport, I might as well just start using the right fps ammo the other guys are using.
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