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  1. Guys, Thanks for the tips. I started looking at the insert, dug out some old die grinder stones, reprofiled the tips of the stones and chucked them in the drill. I ground on the insert and to my suprise it wasn't a hard metal(but I guess it doesn't need to be). I got the insert profile close enough to the bullet nose profile that I am satisfied it will work fine. AR15-SBR
  2. I am loading bullets that I cast using a Lee Trunicated Cone 452-230-TL mold. The insert in the Dillon 45ACP die that is used for seating Semi-Wadcutter nose profiles makes a serious dent in the nose of this bullet. I tried reversing the insert to the round nose profile and it makes a "smiley" shaped dent in the nose. Is anyone else loading this bullet? If so what are you using for seating the bullet without damaging the nose? Thanks AR15-SBR
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