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  1. The ghost "The one" holster, SJC won't modify that, you would have to do it at home, with a dremel and a file. the CR Speed holster is light sanding, it really just comes down to which holster you like the best. The other Ghost model is the one that SJC will modify.
  2. So I did this same thing to Ghost "The One" Holster as well, to fit the SJC weight. The sides had to be cut down further, as that weight is bigger then the Toni one. I had to then also inlay the trench that the barrel rod lays in, so that it would clear the weight, and work. It isn't the greatest looking, (my dremel and I got squirelly,) but it works great. I will post some pics soon.
  3. As long as you have an email saying its ok
  4. I am debating what brand or if I even want to upgrade the trigger bar in my G35 Gen 4. I currently have a lightened lonewolf striker, TTI disconnect/spring kit, which I am much happier with then the ZE springs, they seem the crispest. I am curious what peoples opinions are on a ZEV trigger vs Apex or if I should just stick with the stock bar and use the money for ammo.
  5. Yea it modifies the holster, you have to cut a significant portion of the plastic of the holster away to make it fit on there.
  6. That looks good, I want to do it tonight, but have a match tomorrow, might be a job for the weekend.
  7. Yea, just a pic or two showing how deep that channel is would be perfect!
  8. No I like how yours looks! I would have considered going that way if I was aware of it. I plan on working out the kinks on the holster this weekend, I will post pics of the results. Could you possible post a pic of the holster without the gun in it? I am curious how far they cut down, It looks like there is still a small channel for the barrel guide.
  9. Here is another picture after I took the barrel plug off. I will put it back on once I get it milled down and the gun sits more level.
  10. I was able to get the holster to work just fine with about a 1/4 turn of the locking mechanism. It locks in solid, I was shaking my belt up and down hard and the gun didn't come out. When unlocked, I moved around into about every weird start position I could think of and had 0 retention issues. It sits in it a bit canted, but nothing milling the holster down about 1/4 inch won't fix.
  11. Yea it was my fault for not reading that before I sent it in. They refunded me the difference between the mod cost and the kydex holster. I think I can mill out a part of the holster where the weight sits to make it clear
  12. I have the Ghost "The one" and I just got it back in the mail today, so I am going to see what I can do or how far off it is when I get home tonight. The funny thing is that Michelle Viscusi just posted today on her instagram of her set up, and she confirmed she runs that holster, with the weight, so It can be done.
  13. Mine is on its way back from SJC right now, along with one of their Kydex holsters so I can at least run my gun, but I was thinking that it would be as simple as milling down the metal body of the frame, to make the weight clear when the gun is holstered. very anxious to see what you have
  14. Did you ever mod this? I ran into the same issue, and I have a hard time justifying spending more $$ on another race holster, and I would like to use this holster.
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