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  1. I started shooting 125gn coated Blue Bullets in open division at the beginning of this year and had a tumbling issue myself. It turns out that the EGW align reamer that I used for the comp did not open up the comp quite enough for my setup. I went back thru the comp with a standard .375" Dia. reamer and can now consistently hit 4" steel at 50yds and don't have any keyholes in paper. I couldn't see any signs of the bullets touching the inside of the comp but running the .375 reamer through there took care of the problem I was having.
  2. I installed one earlier this year and have been enjoying it very much. Its looks huge but is very light weight.
  3. Are the comps still in stock? I'm interested in purchasing one.
  4. I know this is kind of an old post and you have probably built your gun already but I just wanted to comment on this because I recently completed a MK4 22/45 with VC trigger group, extractor, comp, slide racker, Vortex dot, mag extensions and g10 grips. It absolutely exceeded my expectations and couldn't ask for a better shooting rimfire steel gun. I'm sure the custom VC gun would be great as well but the MK4 is running great too.
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