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  1. I am done setting up my Evo and the powder measure is pretty damn accurate .. Once I got my throw to 3.9 of VV N320, I weighed and loaded 10x cases before chrono'ing and results are ; 3.92, 3.92, 3.94, 3.92, 3.96, 3.92, 3.98, 4, 3.92, 3,92 . Using Gempro 250 scale. I will post chrono results early next week for those who are interested. The primer seating was almost bang on from factory and minimal adjustments had to be done for it to be perfect.
  2. I recently expressed my issues with setting up my new machine here before even letting Mark 7 know of them and it was a huge mistake on my part. If you run across an issue with any Mark 7 products before, during or after install, make sure you call them first. Their service is top notch, very professional, and they will sort it out over the phone or by facetime very quickly. I feel like an idiot. Sorry Jay, Thank you Mark 7 !
  3. That or Hornady LnL powder measure look pretty accurate and consistent
  4. Hey guys, I just received my Evo Pro yesterday. I am currently setting it up and I am about to start making adjustments before running it. For the ones that have powder measures issues when running automated, what dwell/index time are you set up to ? Kinda sounds like guys are running the system fast like 2000+rph when have inconsistent powder drops and when running manual with the handle seems to be alright. also, did you guys with the automated version did initial die adjustments with the handle or went right to the automation ? Anyways, it’s missing my Swage Sense and the Powder Check because they are now backordered, but happy to see that this machine is not a myth anymore
  5. It puts more pressure down on the bullet drop and reduce chance of bullets tipping over
  6. Thank you, that makes sense, I will use another Lee Carbide Sizing die in the priming station and I will move my Mighty Armory swage back up @ swage sense station. I don't plan on roll sizing, I have zero ammo issues with my guns so I will keep it at that. But you are right.
  7. Hey guys, my Evo Pro is finally on it's way home and I would like to confirm my reloading plan with you guys to see if my head is in the right place. Here is a little bit of background ; I converted my Mark 7 Super 1050 to a brass processing machine ; it has the FFB shellplate, extractor tab, lvl 10 spring, bearing kit, index roller, etc etc.. I only reload onced fired military IVI 9mm brass and shoot a Tanfoglio Stock II Xtreme. I am anal about OAL, exactitude of powder and look of the finished round. I also only reload federal primers and Hi-Tek coated bullets. So here it is, I plan to setup my Mark 7 Super 1050 like this for processing brass only ; skipped the casefeed.. Station 1 ; Mighty Armory decapping die with Mark 7 Optical DecapSense Station 2 ; Mighty Armory swage back up die with FFB Swage rod Station 3 (powder) ; empty Station 4 (bullet) ; empty Station 5 ; Lee Carbide sizing die Station 6 (crimp) ; empty Should I run a Lee Carbide Undersize sizing die @ Station 6 or it's unnecessary ? For the Evolution Pro, I plan to run the following for reloading ; Station 1 ; (casefeed) Station 2 (decap) ; empty Station 3 (swage) ; empty Station 4 (priming) ; Mighty Armory swage back up die Station 5 (flare) ; Lee universal case expansion die with custom carbide die (similar to DAA) Station 6 ; Mark 7 powder drop Station 7 ; Mark 7 Digital Powder check Station 8 ; Bullet drop with Armanov spring Station 9 ; Redding Competition bullet seating die Station 10 ; Lee Universal Crimp die Should I keep the Swage Sense ? If you have any constructive comments or suggestions I am all ears. Thank you !
  8. Right, but I'm not a big fan of ghetto mods on a 5000$ reloading machine
  9. That thing looks amazing.. Anyone have any experience with it ??
  10. Cmon guys let's see some videos of Evolution Pro (not Revolution) running and making ammo ! IF you guys also have chrono'd your rounds can we get the data please and what OAL / Powder you are using, Thanks
  11. Can you keep us updated on the powder variation ? it's quite important to stay pretty damn much accurate. I reload 3.2gr of N320 as well and when travelling worldwide to shoot competitions I want consistency. Thanks
  12. pulled the trigger, after several weeks of going back and forth saying should I wait or should I just go with it.. I said f*#k it. done, Evo on the way ! hopefully soon. As soon as I get it I will setup, make some 9mm 147g match ammo, chrono it and post results.
  13. what would you recommend ; old version (not LTE/X/PRO) mark 7 1050 + Dillon 1050 (used) for 2800$ or Mark 7 Evolution for the same price ?
  14. Hey guys, two quick questions for EVO Pro ; - Is a optical DECAPsense sensor really necessary when you are running a SWAGEsense ? IF yes, why ? - Is the BULLETsense sensor really necessary with TORQUE/JAMsense ? I am confused here ! Thanks
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