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    I've been shooting IPSC since 2000. I've got some good results until now:<br />IPSC - Revolver Division (2000 - 2007)<br />1st place in Brazil Nationals (2003, 2004 and 2007)<br />2nd place in Brazil Nationals (2002 and 2005)<br />8th place in World Shoot XIV (Ecuador, 2005)<br />1st place in Panamerican Championship 2006 (Brasilia, Brazil)<br />A lot of times 1st place in our state match<br /><br />Now in the Production Division!
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    Allison Vericio
  1. Being a little more specific... Taking a look on the manual available on Dillon's website (page 3 and 4), I spotted some diferences: Page 3: # 13841 (nylock nut) Page 4: # 97034 (slotted bellcrank) I believe this schematic shows the newest version. Based on this, is it possible to know how old is the reloading machine? Thank you! Dillon RL550b page 3.pdf Dillon RL550b page 4.pdf
  2. What has changed in the 550 all over the years? A friend of mine bought a pre-owned reloading machine and wonder how old it is...
  3. I cut a piece of 1" foam about 1" larger in diameter than the bowl of the casefeeder. Slice it to fit down over the metal side plate which also holds the foam in place. Makes the tumbling brass in the casefeeder much quieter. Take care, Pat Pat, Could you send me a picture of it? Thank you!
  4. Perfect! Thank you very much!
  5. Ok! I'm sure my gun is a LARGE FRAME. So, I should buy a firing pin for large frame. Right? That's the problem: they say the firing pin for Stock II (DA / SA) is the small frame firing pin...
  6. Perfect! That's my question... Thank you!
  7. Another question: I want to buy a HENNING Firing Pin (extra long) to my gun (Tanfoglio Stock II, 38 SA, large frame). I'm a little bit confused what they say on Internet (maybe my English is getting worse ): "Large Frame (H-XLFP2) This newest model has a 1/16" hole drilled through the center of the back of it to further lighten the firing pin and shorten lock time. The firing pin sits just flush with the breech face of the slide which makes it virtually impossible to have any primer blowback. Only for Single Action models ! Overall length = 2.630". Can be fitted to DA by shortening the pin. Weighs 4.2 grams. Small Frame (H-LFPS) This firing pin replaces the factory pin and ensures 100% ignition and faster locking time. Fits all small frame models. Overall length = 2.480". It is 0.025" effective length longer than factory and doesn't chip like the factory does. Designed to work with Stock II Double Action models. Also works for Single Action models." So, should a buy a firing pin for Large Frame or Small Frame? Thank you again!
  8. Hello, Can I use the Hennings guide rod (ConeFit) with original (factory) guide god bushing (Reverse Plug)? My gun is Tanfoglio Stock II, 38 Super Auto. Thank you all!
  9. And you have the 2nd too. It was small but I hope it helps. Way to go my good friend!
  10. Cliff, Way to go! You're almost the King of Europe! Sasha, Ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch: Glückwünsche! (Ist es richtig?)
  11. I can see you're in good company my friend... I'm purple with envy. Take care!
  12. Hey Cliff! I'm sorry I'm late but... Happy Birthday!!
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