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  1. I believe this design is more geared twords helping with accuracy of the pistol overall, the full length rail, bull barrel, and cone lock slide aspects added weight also to help with muzzel rise. The degree the weight reduces its ease of carry and aim speed is a problem than can be associated with most all wepons except those designed to be more light weight and considered more combat accurate.
  2. Well, EAA sent me the wrong barrel, it was for the Limited as it is 1/4 inch longer. I though I might be lucky for one second as this would be easier to just cut threads on the longer barrel but where the slide locks up it is into the cone at this point on this longer barrel as shows a gap or slop in the fit on lock up. I took this down to tornado and they said they could extend and thread (the correct barrel) by adding to the flat section at the end of the barrel. I also noticed that the barrel extension would need to be long enough so that when the slide and barrel come back the adaptor on the comp or suppressor would stay clear of the guide rod.
  3. On my last range time with the Stock II (Henning Guide Rod) I stared with the factory mag trying some 9mm Hornady Critical defense (knowing most hollow points won't run) and they would not go. I then proceeded to shoot 200 plus FMJ (round nose) with the typical fun accuracy and reliability I get from this pistol. I then noticed all I has let was a few Hornady CD and some flat tip frangible, I then loaded them into the Henning mag and they went fine without FTF or FTE. I found previously the HP's would not go that well with the cone fit guide rod, but the round nose go better with it.
  4. Try the Henning Grip, I think you will like it much better.
  5. This coment about the limited was more of a wanna be thing, but here is the limited on the Tanfo website - `Full race single action semi automatic pistol specially made for the I.P.S.C. - Standard Class - competitions.' http://www.tanfoglio.it/eng/catalogo/sport-amp-competition/limited-custom.html I have the barrel on the way and going to check with Tornado next week.
  6. This is where I bought mine - very happy with price/service, but not sure if 9mm Stock II in stock at this time, give them a call and search there under EAA. http://personalsecurityzone.com/
  7. I ordered a spare 9mm cone bull barrel from EAA to try and extend and thread for a compensator. A poor man's limited. I am not sure how long it will take to get from EAA or even if Tornado can do it yet. Has any tried this with sucess? I found a nice pistol compensator at YHM that I want to use as a thread protector on a 9mm AR build I am working on, (until I can get a supressor). A poor man's MP5. The OD of the barrel appears to be about 0.69" This is kinda what it would look like attached.
  8. Depends on the guide rod for me in 9mm, but now that I have some new parts I am inspired to try the cone fit rod with some Hornady critical defense and flat tip frangable just for the heck of it.
  9. Wow me either. No bull is bull, 5" is also a no likey for me.
  10. In looking at the magazine plate it looks like a small frame.
  11. Well, thanks for that. It looks like the cone fit guide rod did make the difference here because when I made the change back to the stock guide rod today she went through some 25 Rem gold saber hollow points without an issue. I appologise for taking so long to report back but wanted to again try the Henning rod, and with some 300 rounds of range ammo, no problem, but in using or trying the HPs (after they manually cycled without and issue) it would not cycle the HPs at the range or FTF. Today with the stock guide rod, after shooting a bunch of Remmington the WWB had a couple of FTE, (likly the rem may have been dirty) but other than that no problem. The pistol seems to like all brands of ammo. So for me it looks like for the range or with the round nose the Henning rod is the way to go, but if you want to use some HP's it looks like change back or stay with the stock Stock II rod. Buy the way - the Henning fiber optic front sight is super primo good. It allows a much better sight picture and putting the small red dot over the bull gets me hits at 30 yards on a 2" target, so I am very happy overall with this (and even thinking about getting a Jerico).
  12. What is anyone’s experience with hollow point 9mm ammo and EAA match guns? Is this ammo brand specific or am I wasting my time? I understand that it likely doesn’t matter to some. I would however think their carry guns would be very good with it and are not that different overall?. I am having some mixed result (JHP only) with my new Stock II which has been very good overall or flawless with all the various range ammo I tried. I am not planning on carrying this gun but would like to know it’s possible. (OK maybe I am and realize I risk borderline `Ghetto’ looks here as a carry piece because it is so nice.) It is now one of my favorites but I did purchase it mainly to improve my skills at the range. I now have over 1000+ 9mm rounds through this new Stock II on three different sessions, cleaning the gun after each trip. I like everything about this gun and installed Henning’s fiber optic front sight and cone fit guide rod after the first trip to the range. This first trip shot flawless on all the brands of the standard factory round nose (115, 124, 147 Grain) along with the 20 rounds of Federal Premium 135 grain hydro shock that it ate right up (the very nice nickel plated brass for personal defense). However on the second session with the only real change being the new guide w/same spring) the HP’s I tried jammed. I did try an off brand of JHP (Tactical 115 Grain) that would not feed from the magazine for nothing (the brass was also nickel plated). The round was longer than typical so on the third trip I tried a Fiocchi 147 grain JHP but that would also not feed at all now either. This was the blue box, also nickel plated brass, and I now understand the Blue box is American made. I thought the Italian ammo in the Italian gun would be better…kidding. I fear that it is a magazine issue because they look caught in the mag or would just not even partially load at times with cycling the slide or releasing the slide with the stop after clearing. This is more likely to be the hollow point’s ability to get up the ramp? I have the one new stainless gun mag and one of the black factory EAA with Henning’s alum base, but neither really seems better or worse functionally. The barrel feed ramp is hand polished and smooth, but some minor barely noticeable scratches or machine marks are visible. I plan to try this same suspect ammo in my Glock 26 as it seems to eat HP very well. (After I install my new Truglo fiber-optic night sights this week end. I hope this provides a much more visible sight picture than the factory night sights and got the ones with the yellow back and front green.) I will also try some different JHP in the Stock II like Hornady TAP or the Critical Defense to see if the plastic tips will slide better (if I can find some). I should also retest the same federal and then the `stock' guide rod again, just in case.
  13. I am new here and found this link below with some measurments of new vs old mags. I just ordered a Stock II in 9mm and wish there were more mag options. I am not sure what you gun caliber is but note the frame reads Tanfoglio and not EAA, (very nice buy the way) so this might be the older version smaller frame? http://www.ammoclip.com/E/eaa_witness_9mm.htm So if you can include a pic of the mag that came with the gun you can probably tell by just looking at that. New has plastic base pad (that can be replaced with high $ alloy pad). The old mag has the nice flat metal pice? I believe this reduces round capacity by one also or is the difference between old and new mag?
  14. I just ordered a Stock 2, it comes with the newer large frame and beveled mag well, full shroud without the sight mount holes. Note that the barrel length id 4.5" verses the limited which is 4.75" and 1' more overall length. It appears that the Hennig comp mag well is for the custom frame models, gold team, limited, hunter, and gold match.
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