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  1. I should have specified I talked to Matt about modifying it slightly but he wants to see what I want marked out on a grip so I need some decent pictures of the sides that I can send back to him with what I am wanting as mine is his standard texture.
  2. Would anyone who has a Cheely L2 Aggressive grip be willing to get a couple pictures of both sides for me?
  3. You would need to use a standard barrel(bushing) and have it threaded for that comp blank
  4. I have a friend who wants me to mill his 1911 slide for a Delta Point, I know for open guns the mounts have 1 degree in them for the barrel in lockup does that need to be accounted for milled into the slide?
  5. That looks really good, I'll probably be going with them once I get the gun finished that will be getting that coating, the one I am working on now I've decided to send to Blown Deadline
  6. Not sure what reamer they use but I know I'll be plinking every round not doing that cost me big time at area 3 a couple year ago in a factory gun
  7. The BarSto is a pre fit in my 1911, my 2011 will have a Kart barrel in it, once I actually have to gun I'll start looking deeper into it, seeing the seating depth explains everything with the high pressures of the published data
  8. Which powder do you use?
  9. I'll have to look at it over the weekend.
  10. So playing around with some loads to try for calibration ammo with the HAP, I loaded some to 1.075 which plunk fine in my BarSto and factory Springfield barrel(I don't have the barrel for my 2011) but then loading to 1.135 it hangs out pretty far in my BarSto, some fit in the Springfield but not all of them.
  11. I didn't even think to look at the OAL, that makes a lot more sense now.
  12. Is there something specifically that causes the HAP to create higher pressures?
  13. The max load on their website doesn't even make minor power factor for HS-6 or WAC
  14. I just bought 1k 125gr HAP bullets to use for 9 major for Area 3 in the 2011 I am having built. But looking at hogdgon's data on their web site makes me really concerned with using that bullet. Does anyone use the HAP for 9 major? I would be using HS-6, WAC, or 3N37 since those are what I have available.
  15. Battery life isn't an issue for me I know I would be changing them every time I use them. How is the sound quality on them? That is my biggest concern. I would love to get a set of those but unfortunately the price of them is an issue for me.
  16. Has anyone ever used Big Shots in ear electronic ear pro? I am considering getting some but really don't want to spend the money on them without some recommendations. Thanks
  17. I'm probably going to take some off after the slide has been fit, the pad they put on there is about .075 thicker than the rest of the mount if I remember right, I left it at work so I can't measure it right now.
  18. Ok that's good to know, if nothing else if the point of impact is pretty noticeable I can take it off later
  19. Totally just clicked nevermind...
  20. Leaving the pad and having it off set wouldn't effect the point of impact?
  21. I've got a Phoenix Trinity frame that I will be drilling and tapping tomorrow. The location of the holes in planning on is .500 from the center of the slide stop hole to the center of the rear mounting screw hole. The mount I am using is an Everglades DDP mount. On their website they say it is for a standard width dust cover 2011 I know the PT is wider, mine measures .930, what is the standard width so I know how much I need to remove from the pad on the mount?
  22. Yeah I'm not sure what exactly the problem was I just know that ammo is gone and I haven't had the issues since and I'm still using the EGW and everything has been good since
  23. I had a lot of ammo check good in it and had nothing but malfunctions. I zeroed 3 of my first 4 stages from a complete lockup from ammo from my first magazine on each. I borrowed a Mark 7 case gauge from a friend of mine and over half the ammo I brought with would not gauge in it i didn't have any issues the rest of the match after that. I kept the ammo with the intent to reclaim the components and reload it and accidentally took it to the range with my Shadow Systems MR920 a couple weeks ago and it was the same nothing but problems
  24. Yeah I know, it screwed me at Area 3 two years ago, haven't had a chance to replace it yet...
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