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  1. I’m built my PCC to the same specs as my .223 3 gun rifle. The only difference is a red dot vs a magnified optic. Shooting uspsa gives me excellent practice for transitions and going in and coming out of ports as well as manipulating my rifle around walls and through doors.
  2. I’m running the MBX mega and the Taylor freelance plus 10’s. I load all of my ammo to 1.125” and have zero issues.
  3. I run a Faxon Bolt in my AR 9. Very reliable and have had no issues other than a couple broken firing pins.
  4. from everyone I've talked to, pro shooters and industry people. loads closer to major will make it run better and allow the comp to do its job.
  5. Have any of you seen a difference between different styles of bullets and how they feed? i.e. round nose, flat nose, hollow point?
  6. Sorry i forgot to put that its for a pcc. 16" barrel, looking at the MBX comp for it. twist rate is 1/10
  7. Im getting started in loading 9mm major. Ive been loading .40 and .223 for a few years now. Im having a hard time finding a startig point for the 9mm major loads. Im looking at using 115gn or 124gn Rainier Ballistic Bullets. I use Titegroup for .40 but nit sure if the burn rate on it will work for the 9 major load. Any help will be appreciated Thanks guys Drew
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