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  1. tcp112275

    Beyond short OAL

    With ACME 9mm 122 g FP I load to 1.04 in my CZ SP-01. Just make sure you start low and work up to where u are looking to go. Freaked out at first but they shoot good for me once I found the ideal charge weight.
  2. Looking to load hard cast 125 grain TCFP for my 357 mag. The bullets I ordered do not have crimp groove. These are sized to .358. These would be for light loads using W231 or N320 powder in my Ruger GP 100 6”. Can I taper crimp these or should I just order the ones with a crimp groove and do a roll crimp?
  3. tcp112275

    Need sights for SP01 tactical

    Also try CZ Custom. I got their adjustable for mine. Its pretty beefy and had a hell of a time getting it installed but rock solid. The Cajun Gun works site was not out yet when I got this.
  4. tcp112275

    Best plated bullet

    RMR plated in 9mm has been extremely accurate out of my CZ-SP01.
  5. tcp112275

    9mm pistol 50 yard load development

    Thanks everyone. I am going to order some 124 fmj HP's from RMR and get some Time Group and will keep you posted.
  6. tcp112275

    9mm pistol 50 yard load development

    It seems majority likes the 125 HAP bullets. Now about the powder. What end of the spectrum should I be on. Faster powder or slower?
  7. I have a cz 75-sp01 and looking to develop a long range load 50 yds. This is solely out of curiosity. I have been reloading for 8 months 9mm & 5.56. I have a chrono too. What type of bullet and weight should I start with? From what I gather a lighter weight bullet at a higher velocity would probably be a good start (flatter trajectory). Any suggestions on bullet types, powders, and velocities? I know I can not achieve 2" groups but I do want to know what can be accomplished at this range with this gun.