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Found 3 results

  1. Looking to load hard cast 125 grain TCFP for my 357 mag. The bullets I ordered do not have crimp groove. These are sized to .358. These would be for light loads using W231 or N320 powder in my Ruger GP 100 6”. Can I taper crimp these or should I just order the ones with a crimp groove and do a roll crimp?
  2. olstyn

    Oversized bullets?

    Wanting to try out coated bullets in order to save some $ vs the Montana Golds I've been shooting, I ordered a 500-round package of 124 grain round nose from Acme - I thought that'd be enough to get a good feel for whether I liked them, but not so many that it'd be wasteful if they were workable but not great. Unfortunately, no matter what OAL I seated them to, I couldn't get them to pass the plunk test. I also had what I felt was an inordinately difficult time getting the bell and crimp set such that the coating wasn't getting cut/shaved. After much frustation, I decided to measure the bullets, and it turns out that instead of the .356" that they're advertised at, the bullets were .357" in diameter. (I'm fairly certain that my calipers are accurate, sincy my supply of Montana Gold bullets measure the .355" they're supposed to.) My guess is that that's why I couldn't get them to plunk at any OAL from 1.16 all the way down to significantly below 1.08. (I stopped measuring after a 1.08, but I shortened the OAL several times after that measurement, and they were starting to look like .380 round nose.) I used the contact form on Acme's website and told them my story. Hopefully they'll have something useful to say, but I'm curious whether anyone on the forum has had a similar experience at some point, and if so, what the end result was.
  3. I fit an STI trubor barrel to one of my 9mm 1911's. I'm using this for Bianchi Cup. So, the 9mm ammo is running minor PF. I haven't been able to get the barrel to group very well. Shooting at 25 yards from a rest I'm getting 2.5-3.0 inch groups. My old barrel (6" Schumann AET 1:24 gain twist) got around 2" but I had to run the loads hot around 145 PF to get it to group. The ammo I've been using is made from Starline brass, Zero 115 and 125 gr JHP and Titegroup. I've tried both weights and from 4.0 to 4.7 gr of Titegroup. I've tried OAL from 1.09" out to 1.170". All group about the same. Today I tried some 125 gr. Zero JHP .357" revolver bullets. The group dropped down to 1.5" at 25 yards. I then shot a couple of the old loads and some more of the new just to see if I was having a "good day". Same results. The old loads with the .355" bullets are 2.5-3.0" groups and a bit wild, but the .357 bullets are 1/2 the group size. I tried some coated lead in 115 gr. .357" diameter and some 135 gr. .356" diameter. These groups were better than my old loads, but not quite as good as the .357" JHP. Before trying the above I slugged the barrel and got a diameter of .3555". Anybody else found that they need to run oversize bullets in the STI trubor barrels to get best accuracy? Chris