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  1. Silicone rod or silicone in a tube? For separation, I drill holes through the brass case so it's obvious from a distance. Thanks, --j
  2. Revolver reloads and dry fire are an essential part of training with a revolver. I've been using commercial snap caps, but they lack both the correct weight and the durability for continuous practice. Paloverde Gun Works makes correct weight snap caps, with a lead bullet and a brass case for...$5.00 each. Has anyone tried to make their own? Investigating possible firing pin cushions for the primer pocket, several varieties of plastic rod are available in 3/16" (0.1875"). Spec for the small pistol primer pocket is 0.1745". Seems to me one should be able to make firing pin cushions for home-made dummy rounds, either take a little off and glue them in place or heat soften them and press them in. Wondering if anyone has tried this. Which plastic did you use? Where did you source it? What was your installation procedure? Thanks in advance. --j
  3. Building stages for an ICORE match in Practiscore, the functionality is there to manage the required number of hits on paper targets, but the steel targets can only be scored as A or M. If I build two steel targets into the stage, I only get to score two shots, one on each. What about stages that require multiple shots on non-falling steel? Would be nice to have the same functionality for steel as for paper: being able to designate the number of shots required for each target. The work-around, I suppose for now, is to count the multiple hit steel targets in with the paper targets, and ignore the B and C zones. It's either A or M. Any other ideas? --j
  4. Trying to figure out setting up stages in Practiscore for a club match, using ICORE rules. Uses the term "Steel NPMs". Googled it and get a whole bunch of references to java script libraries. Not helpful. I'd appreciate it if someone could clue me in. Thanks, --j
  5. All this makes sense. I think I'll just have the cylinder cut for moon clips and stick with six. Just have to make the shots count! Thanks for the responses! Any suggestions on grips? The gun came with the black rubber Pachmayr grips the CHP used however many years ago. --j
  6. After several years in IDPA, I got bit last weekend by the ICORE bug. My old Model 19 4 inch does fine for IDPA, but I need a competitive ICORE gun. I have a Model 28-2 6" Highway Patrolman I picked up several years ago for a very reasonable price. Is it possible to convert this to an 8-shot moon-clip gun in 357/38 special? I can get an 8-hole cylinder assembly from Gun Parts, which would need to be machined for moon clips. Obviously, the hand, timing, barrel gap, end shake, etc. would need to be adjusted. But before I go forward with a gunsmith, is this in fact possible at all?? Any other suggestions, recommendations, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks --j
  7. The Speer cases I have been using for the last year in my .357 Sig have a smaller than normal flashport. In the RCBS dies I used in my single stage press, I installed a smaller than usual (0.060") decap pin from RCBS, that fit into the expander ball in the sizing die. Unfortunately, the Dillon decap pins are 0.075" diameter. I know from experience with the larger RCBS pins that using the Dillon pin will result in excessive force, bent, stuck, and/or broken pins. At this point I am down to chucking a pin in a drill and using a tri-corner file to mill it down to 0.060". I'm bummed that I bought a $600 XL 650 machine to reload and it doesn't work on my cases without a "shade-tree" adjustment to one small part. I am not interested in hand resizing the flash hole on 1,000 cases, one at a time. Besides, Speer (and Sellier and Beloit) must have had a reason for the small holes. Nor am I interested in using the non-carbide RCBS die set. I like the rest of the Dillon configuration. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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