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Found 9 results

  1. Building stages for an ICORE match in Practiscore, the functionality is there to manage the required number of hits on paper targets, but the steel targets can only be scored as A or M. If I build two steel targets into the stage, I only get to score two shots, one on each. What about stages that require multiple shots on non-falling steel? Would be nice to have the same functionality for steel as for paper: being able to designate the number of shots required for each target. The work-around, I suppose for now, is to count the multiple hit steel targets in with the paper targets, and ignore the B and C zones. It's either A or M. Any other ideas? --j
  2. This is not a complaint, but rather an observation and question. On Stages 6 and 7 (Steel Challenge 1 and Steel Challenge 2), we had shooters that shot more than once at the stop plate. The scorekeeper indicated that the shooter did not need follow-up shots at the stop plate because the shooter had already hit it, and indicated subsequent shots did not count; they reviewed (backed up) the timer. Their reasoning was thus: The "stop" plate is just that - when hit, time stops no matter how many further shots fired. I might have missed it, but I found nothing in the ICORE Rule Book that addresses this. I did find, however, in Appendix D of the Steel Challenge Rules (https://steelchallenge.com/steel-challenge-Rules-Home.php), the following: QUOTE Sound-Actuated Timing: “Sound-actuated” timing uses conventional (USPSA-type) shot timers that “hear” each shot. The competitor’s elapsed time stops with the last shot fired. Timers will not be backed up for multiple hits on the stop plate or hits after the stop plate. The time stops with the LAST SHOT FIRED. UNQUOTE Now, I fully realize ICORE is NOT Steel Challenge and the above rule technically does not apply to an ICORE steel-challenge-type stage. But in the absence of an ICORE rule on the issue, what do you think should be the rule on "steel challenge-TYPE" stages? Should a shooter's time stop after the last shot fired? Or, if the shooter fires unnecessary shots at the stop plate, should the time be backed up and the shooter given the lesser time for score?
  3. The Richmond Hot Wheels are hosting the 2018 ICORE NW Regional. We are proposing 8 stages (which includes a classifier) to happen on July 21st, 2018. Practiscore link available HERE. This will be a one day match. If you have an RV or trailer, you can stay on the range (no hookups besides basic power unfortunately). I will at a later time post information about a match hotel and other details will be emailed to you once you register on Practiscore via the email address you provide when you sign up. Th hosting venue is Richmond Rod & Gun Club and they are located at 3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond, CA 94801. Correspondence can be emailed to richmond hot wheels at gmail dot come (compress all that together with no spaces to email the MD for questions).
  4. The Richmond Hot Wheels are proud to announce that we will be hosting the ICORE NW Regional on July 29, 2017. We will have 8 stages and might have Chrono if we can get organized enough. The Practiscore link is here: 2017 ICORE NW Reg $80 to enter until June 15th, after June 15th it will be $100 (including day of match if slots are left).. Limited to 96 competitors and we will have Dedicated RO's and Electronic scoring (with paper backup). Divisions are the usual 4.. Open, Limited, Limited 6, and Classic. Registration is open. Match Hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott. Click on the Reservation link: Reservation There will be Trophies, Money Plaques, and I'll see what else I can gather up..
  5. https://practiscore.com/battle-born-state-revolver-championship/register
  6. Here is the link to this new Nevada State Championship match, with more info coming soon. We are also looking for sponsors and items for the prize table, any help with that is greatly appreciated, contact mchapman for that. https://practiscore.com/battle-born-state-revolver-championship/register
  7. This link to Practiscore will get you to the sign up area for our ICORE is the 2nd Saturday of the month, January is our First annual Thaw OUT Match, 6 stages with a classifier, 3 run and gun stages, a steel challenge one and a moving/falling steel stage. For those of you coming from out of town, we have a discount code available to use at the Virgin River Casino, in Mesquite Nevada, This will have a $25 match fee and we will feed you lunch [burgers], so plan on coming down here to shoot in the WARM sun on January 14th. Also if you will be here on the next day,Sunday we will have a 5 or 6 stage Practical pistol match that will start at 8 am Nevada time for $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/clubs/mesquite-mayhem-shooters-society
  8. So I was playing around with my 2011 today considering shooting it in an upcoming major. It is nothing special, essential a trubor with a brazos lightened slide. I was most struck by how little the dot moves on the 2011 with a 170 pf load compared to my 929 with a 125pf load. Its really remarkable, i barely have to hold the gun hard and the dot tracks up and down and never leaves the lense vs my revolver where I have to squeeze HARD with the weak hand to keep the dot in the lens. I get all the gas/comps etc explanations, i understand how major autos work I also sort of disregarded comps on minor barrels as foley and just another gap/port to collect lead/carbon but it did get me thinking about cutting some holes maybe midway down the barrel. Anyone have any good info on this? I see all manner of cuts and ports on open revolvers at the IRC but its unclear to me if there is any experience being applied to those cuts.
  9. On 26-27 April 2013, Pikes Peak Practical Shooters and the Pueblo West Sportsmans Assn will host the Rocky Mountain Regional National Shooting Sports Federation Rimfire Challenge. These matches used to be known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge. The match will be held over both days, but it only takes one day to complete giving you the choice of days. The targets are all steel. The stages are very new shooter friendly and require no movement. You can shoot a second gun on the second day in a different division. The main match will be 11 stages, 5 rifle and 6 pistol requiring a minimum of 220 rounds to complete. There will also be an optional Precision Rifle Side match. Juniors are free. Mil/LE are $20. I am limited on slots, so get those apps in soon. Keep in mind the past 3 Regional Steel Challenge Matches in Pueblo have filled up. NSSF RIMFIRE APP.doc
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