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  1. USA skeet, Who did the oppening up of the port? Milled on a machine ir by hand?
  2. This was on a 5906tsw, but probably applies here too. 100 rounds in 2 shot pairs helped to ingrain the transition from hammer down to hammer back firing. Started with safety on low ready, aim and flick safety off, bang, bang, deckock/safety on, low ready. Rinse lather repeat.
  3. Will this work with a Millet DMS1, or is it too "short"/not enough forward?
  4. So I have a slight problem in that I have never shot a A4 socped rifle and do not know where my nose will end up! I will assume a 3" eye relief and figure out where my head and eye end up on the rifle. But I am guestimating that I can always scoot the mount back a bit to adjust the eye relief since all the pictures I have seen seem to have the mount right at the front edge of the reciever. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend. Thanks.
  5. So I need to figure out how much relief the scope has. Jobob, thanks for the sugestions, but I really want to just go with a one piece for the mount.
  6. Hi, I finally decided on the Millet DMS-1 and a LaRue or JP mount. I have some questions I hope you can answer ( I searched but did not find some of the answers) Will the JP mount put the scope forward like a LaRue SPR-E? Is it high enough for comfortable shooting? Will it clear the front sight? Is the SPR-E the mount I want or is it the SPR? Will the scope and SPR-E be high enough to clear the front sight? Is there an other scope mounts to consider like the GG&G? 686+
  7. Just a follow up: I gave up on my 20" A1 for 3g, and got a 16" RRA midlength with freeflot quad front rails for all around and 3g use. A bit more tacticool than I wanted, but my store only had two rifles with free flat and this was the one I went with. (I waited too long and ended up having to buy on Saturday just prior to election, good thing I got it though, hate to see the lines now!!! ) I will probably go with either the Weaver 1-3, or the Millet scope. Since I can't afford 700+ for a scope ritght now they will have to do. I am leaning towards the Millet scope right now. So now what to mount it in? And how tall? Can I mount the scope forward a bit so one ring (if seperate rings) is on the reciever and the other on the quad rail, or should I get a one piece adapter (leaning toward that) Thanks for your help guys, this forum rocks!!!!
  8. I would love 1x but I am a bit worried that 3x will not be sufficient for me at longer ranges, maybee it's just my preception of it though. Thus I was thinking the Pro. I grew up shooting p-dogs with a 3-9 and at "longer ranges" I am used to 9x... Has the Millet quality improved? I have seen some posts that sugest the scope is not going to stand up to 3G abuse?
  9. Is the scope still good enough to run in 3G? It would be a step up from my current scope and is probably good enough for my lousy shooting. But it seems the new 1.5-5x20 scopes have a ~67' FOV at 1/5x and I see some post sugesting this is not good enough? Should I get it or not waste my money and go for a 1-3 Weaver instead? 686+
  10. Hi, I am not in Cali any more, I'm in a free state where I can pursue open guns and full cap mags without incurring felonies.
  11. o.k. I am totally out of touch then with the times. So something 9mm based is it now. Can someone point me to where I can read up on the basic rules for the divisions on USPSA/IPSC? Sounds like I should get a frame (or frame and slide) plus the mags for now.
  12. Yes I meant gun and mags only. Scopes, mounts etc will have to wait. I got caught behind the Ahnold curtain just as I got into shooting sports....ugh, I get shivers just thinking about it. Any more platform recomendations? I thought maybe a Para Ord 16.40 and some mags, then tune it later. 686+
  13. Hi, eventually I want to get into some of the open pistol sports, but it might be a few out. Still I would like to get my open gun now, just in case . Can I hear some recomendations? Either a double stack 1911 type or something else? I would like to keep it under $1K. Thanks. 686+
  14. Disclaimer: I don't get to shoot or practice enough. I do all/most of my smithing. I am still learning. I got a chance to shoot a match and then practice first shot times this weekend. The setup was steel plates at 11 yards, the plates were ~6x9 inches. My gear is a kydex uncle mikes holster and a DAO S&W the number of the model is 4583 - which means 45acp, 4-1/4 barrel, and DAO with about 9 lb of pull, farily smooth, but not "like buttah". My time for the first shot beep to plate down was about 2.1 seconds, 1.9 if I push it and miss. Considering a DAO heavy trigger, how bad are those times? Advice? (Other then go with a 1911ish platform? )
  15. Want to replace the bolt handle on my 1100. Do the extended handles work better? Are they worth the money. Which do you prefere and why? I am leaning towards the Choate handle as it would make the 1100 look more CM like...
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