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  1. 686+

    Rem 1100 loading gate/ easy loader ?'s

    USA skeet, Who did the oppening up of the port? Milled on a machine ir by hand?
  2. This was on a 5906tsw, but probably applies here too. 100 rounds in 2 shot pairs helped to ingrain the transition from hammer down to hammer back firing. Started with safety on low ready, aim and flick safety off, bang, bang, deckock/safety on, low ready. Rinse lather repeat.
  3. 686+

    New Burris Mount

    Will this work with a Millet DMS1, or is it too "short"/not enough forward?
  4. So I have a slight problem in that I have never shot a A4 socped rifle and do not know where my nose will end up! I will assume a 3" eye relief and figure out where my head and eye end up on the rifle. But I am guestimating that I can always scoot the mount back a bit to adjust the eye relief since all the pictures I have seen seem to have the mount right at the front edge of the reciever. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend. Thanks.
  5. So I need to figure out how much relief the scope has. Jobob, thanks for the sugestions, but I really want to just go with a one piece for the mount.
  6. Hi, I finally decided on the Millet DMS-1 and a LaRue or JP mount. I have some questions I hope you can answer ( I searched but did not find some of the answers) Will the JP mount put the scope forward like a LaRue SPR-E? Is it high enough for comfortable shooting? Will it clear the front sight? Is the SPR-E the mount I want or is it the SPR? Will the scope and SPR-E be high enough to clear the front sight? Is there an other scope mounts to consider like the GG&G? 686+
  7. 686+

    Simmons Pro Diamond

    Just a follow up: I gave up on my 20" A1 for 3g, and got a 16" RRA midlength with freeflot quad front rails for all around and 3g use. A bit more tacticool than I wanted, but my store only had two rifles with free flat and this was the one I went with. (I waited too long and ended up having to buy on Saturday just prior to election, good thing I got it though, hate to see the lines now!!! ) I will probably go with either the Weaver 1-3, or the Millet scope. Since I can't afford 700+ for a scope ritght now they will have to do. I am leaning towards the Millet scope right now. So now what to mount it in? And how tall? Can I mount the scope forward a bit so one ring (if seperate rings) is on the reciever and the other on the quad rail, or should I get a one piece adapter (leaning toward that) Thanks for your help guys, this forum rocks!!!!
  8. 686+

    Simmons Pro Diamond

    I would love 1x but I am a bit worried that 3x will not be sufficient for me at longer ranges, maybee it's just my preception of it though. Thus I was thinking the Pro. I grew up shooting p-dogs with a 3-9 and at "longer ranges" I am used to 9x... Has the Millet quality improved? I have seen some posts that sugest the scope is not going to stand up to 3G abuse?
  9. 686+

    Simmons Pro Diamond

    Is the scope still good enough to run in 3G? It would be a step up from my current scope and is probably good enough for my lousy shooting. But it seems the new 1.5-5x20 scopes have a ~67' FOV at 1/5x and I see some post sugesting this is not good enough? Should I get it or not waste my money and go for a 1-3 Weaver instead? 686+
  10. 686+

    Widebody 1911

    Hi, I am not in Cali any more, I'm in a free state where I can pursue open guns and full cap mags without incurring felonies.
  11. 686+

    Widebody 1911

    o.k. I am totally out of touch then with the times. So something 9mm based is it now. Can someone point me to where I can read up on the basic rules for the divisions on USPSA/IPSC? Sounds like I should get a frame (or frame and slide) plus the mags for now.
  12. 686+

    Widebody 1911

    Yes I meant gun and mags only. Scopes, mounts etc will have to wait. I got caught behind the Ahnold curtain just as I got into shooting sports....ugh, I get shivers just thinking about it. Any more platform recomendations? I thought maybe a Para Ord 16.40 and some mags, then tune it later. 686+
  13. 686+

    Widebody 1911

    Hi, eventually I want to get into some of the open pistol sports, but it might be a few out. Still I would like to get my open gun now, just in case . Can I hear some recomendations? Either a double stack 1911 type or something else? I would like to keep it under $1K. Thanks. 686+
  14. 686+

    Draw Time

    Disclaimer: I don't get to shoot or practice enough. I do all/most of my smithing. I am still learning. I got a chance to shoot a match and then practice first shot times this weekend. The setup was steel plates at 11 yards, the plates were ~6x9 inches. My gear is a kydex uncle mikes holster and a DAO S&W the number of the model is 4583 - which means 45acp, 4-1/4 barrel, and DAO with about 9 lb of pull, farily smooth, but not "like buttah". My time for the first shot beep to plate down was about 2.1 seconds, 1.9 if I push it and miss. Considering a DAO heavy trigger, how bad are those times? Advice? (Other then go with a 1911ish platform? )
  15. Want to replace the bolt handle on my 1100. Do the extended handles work better? Are they worth the money. Which do you prefere and why? I am leaning towards the Choate handle as it would make the 1100 look more CM like...