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  1. Hi Atlas - Great post, btw. So i got a question that maybe you know the answer, I ordered a bunch of parts from CGW for my P-01 (yes, the decocker was a PITA) including the CGW hybrid disco (since I also bought the Reach Reduction Kit) and the Short Reset System. I took the gun apart, put all the new parts in and I still have a reset of like 6mm. That's how much my Xds reset is. I been shooting it like that for a while but it is really starting to bug me, and I am about the dissassemble it again to see if there is anything obvious. Functions great, but the reset is really bugginh me, especially when I read about others putting in the SRS and getting a 2 to 3mm reset. Anything obvious come to mind that I should be looking for? I also plan on polishing things up this time, as last time I had the gun apart I didn't do squat.
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