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  1. True, due to subtle equipment differences you would have to take a lowest-common-denominator approach to fit within two USPSA divisions. And perhaps most shooters are not interested in doing that.
  2. Forgive me if this has been asked before. In recent years, IDPA has allowed you to shoot a classifier in a more restrictive division (e.g., CDP) and automatically have your score applied in a less restrictive division (e.g., ESP) as well. Has this ever been considered for USPSA? I believe you could have a rig that would fit into both Lim10 and Production, for example, or both Single Stack and Lim10. Any reason why you shouldn't be able to shoot once and have your classification calculated for all applicable divisions?
  3. I've run an 870 in quite a few matches, as I often shoot Heavy Metal. My 870 has a Remington 23" turkey barrel with interchangeable chokes and fiber optic rifle sights, which I prefer for 3-gun. It also has a Nordic Comp tube extension giving it an 8+1 capacity. I load weak-hand from AP Custom 4x4 shell caddies, but that equipment decision is pretty independent of what shotgun you are using.
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