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  1. It’s a mount that Dominic Meijer makes. Send him an email and he will help you out Email to : info@ipscshop.ch
  2. I found one, so I'm not looking anymore. Thanks Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm looking for a GugaRibas Gen.1 holster. So if you have one and it's broken ( can't hardly imagine [emoji51] ) or not using it any more, please contact me. Thanks in advance Richard van der Wel Info@dutchshootingsupply.nl Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for al the efforts gng4life I hope to find one once. @Build4u the base pads are not a problem, it's the magwell I want.
  5. Has anybody got a email adores from The handgunner Gunshop ? Because I want a magwell for my S&W model 41 also, but I'm from the Netherlands, so sending a email is cheaper than calling :-) Hope you can help me. Kind regards, Richard
  6. Which mags do you have? Is the gun small frame or large frame? What recoil spring are you using? My 38super v12 so far has not had a single malf in around 600 rounds in 2 matches and 2,000+ practice. Gun had fired only 200 rounds when I got it. Plenty of those rounds were load testing too. I use the factory mags and had 3 new mags from the dealer and with the same problem. It's a large frame I'd tried several recoil springs ( it came with 3 and tried them all ) I think I probably need to load the ammo a little more. I'm make some new ammo today and try them tonight ( I'm in Europe, so in your time i'ts morning then )
  7. 9 mm 124 gr factory ammo and handloads ( VV 6,3gr 3N37 124 RN )
  8. I'm shooting my Tanfoglio Gold Custom Eric one for some weeks now and I keep having troubles with it :-( The empty shells are stuck with a new bullet under it. The gunsmith looked at it and saw that the barrel bottom was touching the guiderod. So he took some of the barrel and now it's free. But I'm still having the problem ( ok it's 70% better! but still a problem ) I need to oil the gun extreme and also the bullets I spray some Brunox oil on it and then it's 95% better. Do you also need to oil the gun and bullets that much?? The gun has shoot only 3500 bullets now, so it's not written of yet :-) Thanks for your tips Richard
  9. Did you bought them already? And what's your experience ? I just bought a Gold Custom Eric one and I'm shooting it for 2 weeks now and so far I love it. I shoot steel challenge and Bianchi cup so I hope it's the right gun for me.
  10. Thumbs up on my part for Saul by Double Alpha academy!! I ordered an insert for my race master holster, but my Tanfoglio Gold Custom Eric wouldn't go in and out very smooth, it kept getting hooked. So I sent a mail to Saul and the same day I got a reply with tips (little bit filing off) After various tips emailed back and forth it went a lot better, the only problem I still had was that I had to help the insert the last bit up, before I could holster my weapon again. After I mentioned this to Saul, he offered me that I sent insert back to him and he would change it free of charge to the new magnetic type and sent it back to me, also free of charge!! Saturday sent to DAA and according to the post it will be back tomorrow!! Top service of Saul and Double Alpha so !!
  11. Thanks for the recepy, it's for my 9mm open Tanfoglio ( forgot to mention it )
  12. Hello to ya'll I'm new here so I'll introduce myself. I'm from the Netherlands ( and yes I live near Amsterdam :-) ) I shoot guns for about 20 years now, but started competition shooting for 3 years ago. I shoot the Dutch steel competition, militarily pistol challenges, Dutch Bianchi cup and the European steel challenge. I now own a open class S&W 686 competition revolver, a open class S&W model 41 .22, a CZ SP01 shadow 9mm with iron sights, a Tanfoglio limited custom .40 with iron sights and my latest gun is a Tanfoglio Gold Custom Eric Grauffel 9mm open race gun, witch I shot only 2 times now. The first match I'm shooting with the Grauffel is the Dutch Bianchi cup on August 3th, so I need to pick up the training !! I'm reloading myself and I use VV N320 or 3N38 anyone have a receipt for minor loads ( 124grain FMJ RN bullits and Federall 100 or CCI 500 primers ) Best regards,
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