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  1. I am assuming that the "24" & "20" are mistakes and this is a 34mm scope as all MK6's?

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    2. sbaker5


      Hardly none, the matches have been local small ones with the exception of one major match.  I am always careful, some would say too careful.  You can't hurt those leupold scopes.  The Mark 6 was not designed for competition use, it was designed for the real stuff. It can take abuse even though I never have treated as such.

    3. jsfootn


      Thanks for the info. Two more questions...sorry.

      Why are you selling without the mount (very few 34mm's out there...) & payment terms?

    4. sbaker5


      I have another scope that I will use with it. I guess I could sell it with it as I do have another mount. PayPal, cashier check, money order. 

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