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  1. We used them several years ago. Out of the blue they told us that they were no longer going to do firearms finishing. They did good work for the most part, although, some pieces that came back had to be redone, which added considerably to the turn around time...and to the labor cost. Without have to return a piece to have it finished a second time, turn around was several months.
  2. Veteran owned Deep River Customs manufactures 1911 & 2011 pistols, with shops in NC and FL. Deep River Customs provides gunsmith and gun building services for the 1911 & 2011. We build pistols for competition, duty, or everyday carry use. We strive to make pistols that are accurate and function reliably. All Deep River Customs pistols are hand fit with the same care, attention to detail, and the same high quality parts. In addition, we offer quality parts and gunsmith tools for sale, and provide gunsmith training courses throughout the year. We'd be happy to help with your shooting needs, so check out our website and feel free to give us a call or drop us a email. www.deeprivercustoms.com info@deeprivercustoms.com
  3. DRCNC

    Complete book for building a 1911/2011

    The Kuhnhausen books are good reference books with a lot of information. We've had a set since day one. There is a book currently being written by an engineering professor at UNC. Besides building pistols and shooting them in competitions, he is a firearms researcher. His book - first in a series - will focus on the 1911 and is being written in collaboration with well known gunsmiths, gunsmithing instructors, and firearms manufacturers. In addition to being a reference work like the Kuhnhausen books, his goal is to provide a step-by-step build manual, with each step showing several methods of accomplishing the task at hand, tool and parts lists, etc. We believe it is due out around January 2019. If you have any interest, drop us a line and we'll get you more info. Deep River Customs info@deeprivercustoms.com
  4. DRCNC

    Titanium Nitride on dissimilar metals

    We do nitride finishes on stainless guns that we build or refinish for customers all the time. One thing to be aware of is a nitride finish can make it difficult to get the gun back together if the fit was tight to begin with. Nitride finishes are in the 20-50 micron range (~.0008"-.002"). Titanium and aluminum we only coat with DLC or one of the many PVD, e.g. TiN, coatings available, depending on the part and customers' color preference. Titanium generally isn't an issue with these coatings. The aluminum parts have to be good quality aluminum, otherwise they'll vaporize in the chamber and cause a big cleanup headache. We mostly do frames, triggers, MSH, and the occasional grip in DLC/PVD on Aluminum.
  5. DRCNC

    PVD coatings

    From what we've been told by the PVD/DLC processor we work with is that the temps are 300-400 F, so warping shouldn't be a problem.
  6. DRCNC

    USPSA SS setup

    What does your gunsmith recommend?
  7. DRCNC

    Flat wound recoil springs

    EGW and Nighthawk also sell the .250" guide rods needed to allow use of flat wire springs.