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  1. Just to followup - I replaced the extractor and spring as suggested with the Benelli parts and all is well now. I didn't see any obvious difference in the extractors (didn't mic 'em) except for a slight amount of finish wear on the old one, but there was obviously a difference in the springs. Runs like a champ now. Thanks everyone! Sent from my sending thing.
  2. Foo. Figures as I've got a lot of it. But problems didn't start cropping up until I got well into the supply so it seemed gtg. Sent from my sending thing.
  3. Herter's 1 1/8 oz, 1200fps Sent from my sending thing.
  4. Hi - I'm having what appear to be some extraction problems. It only happens during matches of course when I'm running the gun hard and don't have the patience to diagnose it fully. Can anyone suggest anything I should try before just getting the Benelli parts? If not, what parts do I need and where can I get 'em? Thanks. Sent from my sending thing.
  5. Interesting, it was too big for the hole in the p120. Sent from my sending thing.
  6. Has anyone figured out a solution for putting an extended mag release on a tristar/canik? I bought a shadow release from CGW but it was oversize and I wasn't anxious to modify the frame.. I find myself having to shift my grip quite a bit to use the stock release which slows me down a lot. Sent from my sending thing.
  7. Polished the mag tube a long while back, but I'll look in the general area... Sent from my sending thing.
  8. I'm having some troubles with mine suddenly. I've put 200 or so through it previously with no complaints, but last week I took it out to shoot trap and was getting a lot of light primer hits. Like 1 out of 3 would fail to fire. The shells would usually fire when I ejected, then re-chambered them. Sometimes had to do it more than once. I've used this ammo before without issue, but switched to a box of federal with the same poor results. Frustrated, I went home. After googling around for ideas, it was suggested that the bolt might not be going fully into battery which would result in a light hit. When I slowly close the bolt by hand, I notice that it hangs up and is difficult to get it to rotate and lock. If I let it slam forward normally, it seems to close and lock ok. I disassembled and cleaned the bolt, greased the bolt retaining/camming pin and lubed everything else up. It still hangs up a bit - but only if I slowly close the bolt by hand. I don't have another Stoeger around to compare it to to know if this is normal. I'd welcome any suggestions on what might have been occuring. The gun has an MOA bolt handle that's been working fine for some time now. The only thing that happened to it before it started malfing was a cleaning. Thanks. Edit: here's a (poor) video to illustrate Sent from my sending thing.
  9. For a case, I got the VooDoo tactical drag bag which fits my 26"er just fine.
  10. That's what I was after. Thanks! Have dremel, will grind.
  11. It needs to be turned down slightly. You can chuck it up in a drill press or even a hand drill and use a sanding block. Thats what I did and fits like a champ nowCould you elaborate a bit? How much did you take it down? On what part do the shaft? Pix?
  12. I got the Nordic VM lightweight charging handle, but I'm having a heck of a time getting it to go in. How are you supposed to coax it in? Do I just need a bigger hammer?
  13. I wondered that myself. I've seen information contrary to that position but nothing definitive/authoritative I could cite.
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