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  1. Wow, how do you like the new 157 grip?
  2. Ah, yes that's an inexpensive thing to try. I'll try that too.
  3. Oh dear, I find this odd. Was yours bought new? I can't speak to your exact circumstances but in my case when I heard back from SVI they were already making preparations to have the pistol repaired for free. I can't ask for more than that.
  4. Yeah, that could be worth a go. I'll try that this weekend thanks.
  5. No FCD but I haven't tried factory either. At $1/round here its not something I'm rich enough for......but decent projectiles should be fine I would think, they are in my other 40 cal pistols.
  6. Well, its tight at the muzzle no doubt, I can't find any movement there. The twist rate is 1:16 I believe, pretty standard...
  7. Yeah, that's a thought. Crown does 'look' OK however. The lead was the worst of the lot, the plated projectiles, particularly the lighter ones work a bit better. Having said that I now recall that I've seen no key-holing/tumbling bullets, only clean holes which implies they are spinning up OK.
  8. I've seen everything from 155 through to 200gr projectiles used in various STI (Edge) pistols. All are accurate enough, its just a matter of recoil preference. Personally I prefer at middle weight projectile ~180gr projectile. 200gr projectiles make me a bit nervous due to their weight and depth into case required to seat them at ~1.20" but I understand some folk love them.
  9. Same thing (the lead projectiles are sized 0.401"). Generally they are very accurate in other 40 S&W pistols so I'm thinking the bore is suspect.
  10. Update. I heard from SVI - I was mistaken about the lifetime warranty on their pistols for breakages of this type. I'm not sure why I thought that... My 3 year old pistol is out of warranty it seems (so standard warranty must be 1-2 years) but the goods news is that breakages of this type are repaired for free by SVI at their discretion/under good faith.
  11. So, I have an older STI Edge 40S&W (about 10 years old) with perhaps approaching 10k rounds through it. I'd like to sell it, make room in the safe and all that, but it suffers from an accuracy issue I've not been able to get to the bottom of. The pistol is reliable and appears to lock up/head space correctly but groups at 30 yards are less than impressive. Shooting 200gr plated bullets (0.40", 170PF) I'll see 8" with fliers out to 12". Shooting 165gr plated projectiles (0.40", 170PF) sees the group shrink to 5" or so. The coated lead projectiles I normally shoot were awful, some not even connecting with the IPSC classic target (30 yards). I thinking the bore of the barrel may be the issue rather than the barrel fitment given the way groups vary with projectile type? If so, I guess the thing to do is fit another barrel. The current barrel slugs at 0.40...
  12. That was my thought, but perhaps I'm wrong. Aside from standard maintenance and not running excessive pressures/powers I'm not aware of a way to ensure greater longevity. My old Paraordnance P1640 has perhaps 50k rounds through it now (though it has a new owner). I help keep it in running order for him - the things that have broken have been the extractor and ejector - nothing too unusual there. Its not a tight fit gun like the SVI but it shoots straight enough.
  13. Yeah. Tried that. Nothing definite so far except that there is apparently no lifetime warranty covering failures such as this.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I'm still working on how best to get this repaired - does anyone know what the SVI warranty policy is? I would assume that a pistol such as this should not experience a failure of this type even at 100k rounds. The fact that several have broken in this manner early in their lives clearly points to an issue in manufacturing/fitting. The latest SVI pistols have a recoil buffer fitted from the factory - I wonder if this is related?
  15. Huh, that's seems uncharacteristic of SVI. Sounds like the issue is sorted however so I can have confidence in the brand once this is fixed.
  16. Wow, I wonder what's up with these barrels? Surely a metallurgical problem as the fit and finish on these pistols has to be seen to be believed....
  17. Was it an SVI that broke the whole lug off? "Saw a guy break his entire lower lug clean off at the Mid-Atlantic Section match last year. "
  18. Hmmm, Ok thanks. Certainly it must be a bad batch of steel or fitment issue, its not like this kind of failure is expected even at 100k rounds. I'll let everyone know what happens.
  19. So my meticulously maintained SVI of three years and ~20k rounds 170PF (IPSC) has a cracked lower barrel lug. I'm assuming the SVI factory lifetime warranty will take care of this?
  20. Yes, the 180s were running 950fps average. The 200gr were running ~920fps....
  21. Coated lead of the RNFP design (hardline industries mold). Flat base, no bevel. Still shooting the SVI Ranger?
  22. Yeah, I still suspect the twist as in the test loads the 180s were running 950fps average. The 200gr were running ~920fps. The 180gr is 15.40mm, the 200 gr 17.20mm in length. I'm sure the designers of the AET barrel know what they are doing but I wonder and am not aware of what its projectile/velocity limitations at 1:24 twist. I wonder why 1:16 final twist was not used...?
  23. For my current 5.4" SVI I seem to have no accuracy/stablization issues with lighter/faster projectiles (165-175gr) and more key-holing encountered when experimenting with 180gr-200gr projectiles (170 PF floor). Soooo, for my *next* SVI 40 cal I am wondering the following- How well heavy 40 cal projectiles (200gr) can be stabilized from an SVI AET barrel given the low rate of final twist (1:24 I believe). Particularly given the projectile L/D ratio is going to be higher due to the generally longer 200gr projectile? Given it does not appear that AET barrels with higher rates of final twist are available would perhaps a standard SVI barrel (1:16 twist?) be more suited to heavy projectiles due to the additional gyroscopic stabilization imparted?
  24. Decorative. And slight weight reduction. Marginally quicker to verify a mag in place also? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Are these powder coated or what? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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