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  1. Fureio

    Taran Tactical Connector

    There's only so much you can do to mod a Glock. Any drastic change to the design and it won't work. I appreciate you sticking up for a reputable vendor, but does his success as a shooter really hold merit to the quality of a modded part? Seems to me that most internal aftermarket parts don't stray very far from factory specs. Some may be made of different materials or are designed so the trigger pull executes with less effort, but all in all... its basically the same thing already provided by glock. I really like Taran's aftermarket front sight though. Great improvement over the factory sight.
  2. Titanium is the latest gimmick. Look at stainless steel aftermarket parts if the latest fad isn't what you're into. Reading these forums, most successful shooters who participate on these forums revert to mostly factory parts after they have tried most of the latest after market stuff.
  3. Fureio

    Johnny Glocks

    One of the reasons I chose a glock over a 2011 is due to reasonable pricing. How much were you charged? I love SJC products but their recent innovations are a bit pricey.
  4. That's a really nice add on. The price is a bit ridiculous though.
  5. It's tough trying to imagine what the ring sounds like. Especially with a XL650 casefeeder attached to it.That thing is crazy loud. How many times do you think the brass can be reused before it's unusable (even with resizing using the case pro)? I have some 45 casings that have been shot 5+ times, but the pressures are about half of what 1375 fps will produce.
  6. Could I safely reuse 9mm major load brass more than once if i run it through a CasePro-100?
  7. I started tweaking the dies tonight and noticed that using mixed brass may not be a good idea. Setting the seating die, i dialed in the OAL to 1.155 with WInchester brass, but the OAL sunk to 1.152 with PMC. Is there a good margin for variance at these pressures? Or should i sort out the brass and stick to OAL specifically to 1.155? gng4life: are you asking how many ports the compensator has or popples in the KKM barrel? No porting on the barrel. The comp has 6 ports.
  8. I've been researching this forum for 2 months now and have gotten so many different answers and opinions that my head is spinning. Anyone willing to help a novice reloader get a test batch loaded and not destroy my brand new Zev race gun? I am looking for a 9major recipe using the following components: Zev Open G17 with a KKM match barrel and a Zev Major comp. Reloading components: Montana Gold 9mm 124 gr JHP Mixed range once fired brass Winchester small pistol primers HS-6 (I already have found great tips and recipes for using Autocomp, so no need to share recipes for that powder) My questions: What's a reliable OAL for use in the Glock? Most of the answers i'm getting revolve around a S_I or custom 1911 What's a good start and max load with powder? My goal is 1375 fps using a F1 Shooting Chrony. One last note to share with you all: I've asked Zev to share what recipe they use to QC the pistol and their answer was that they don't share recipes. All I can surmise is that this is a liability issue.(?)
  9. Shooting 230 grain - You should make Major with just about any pistol powder. Those fast powders start getting difficult when you drop to a lighter bullet.
  10. If you want to make the jump, take a look at Bayou Bullets as well. Their coating is harder than Moly and has the same effect. As Steve mentioned, use Lead data and a chrono. You may step down a tenth or two of powder to get the desired FPS since Moly/coated bullets tend to shooter faster.
  11. Bullet: Bayou 230 gr Coated Lead Round Nose @ .451 Primer: Winchester large pistol (WLP) Powder: Bullseye @ 4.3 grains crimp: .471 Brass: Winchester and Remington both at .10 thickness Chronograph: F-1 Shooting Chrony Gun: Kimber 1911 using 5.25 in barrel. fps: 739 741 787 742 742 733 751 770 742 751 759 757 Targeted fps: 740 for 170 power factor. Accuracy : 3 rounds touching at 10 yards.
  12. No. I realize that will blow up my gun. I'll be using a KKM match barrel with a Zev Major comp
  13. Thanks Steve! I have 2 lbs of Clays so your recommendation helps. I enjoy 230 gr. rounds but making the jump to 200 gr LSWC Bayou's seems like what I'll be moving to. Honestly, I can't tell the difference in recoil between 185 gr and 230 gr WWB. I'm told as I progress it will become more apparent. Which is why I am trying to find the right components and stick to them. I don't think I'll shoot factory ammo again unless I need to defend myself carrying concealed.
  14. Right now just practicing with p aper targets. The goal is to get good enough to compete. I just want to get used to the recoil, work on muscle memory, proper grip, technique, etc. I don't want to practice with a certain load then have to change it.
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