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  1. Life sucks without shooting.

  2. It's a long story but, I think I broke it while I was working on my gun. And yes, the frist gen of these scopes were not what you would expect from Millett but, the DMS is. Did I say I my Millett.
  3. I found a problem with my scope the day before the Area 6 3-gun last month. I figured out how to shoot it at 200yards and still won A-open. I called Millett and shipped it to them. Guess what I found on my doorstep today. A new Millett, free of charge. I could not shoot with out my Millett.
  4. Man what a match. It ran smooth with very little delays, great staff, stages, prizes, shooters, props, heaters on some of the stages, hell everything was great. BUT, I don't think our scores are right. I want a reshoot. How about this weekend? No prizes, just shooting. Bad news Aaron. Now you'll have to top this one and the only way to do that is let us shoot out of a Blackhawk in the air next year. OH, and use the saw as a backup gun on the 400 yard target. 20rds should do it.
  5. Yea but, if the not so right kind of attention showed up, I think we could handle it.
  6. Extra Security??? Is this place in an area that requires such? Hi Jim No it's not. This is on the north end of town. Like Alamo Shooter said, that kind of thing happens to us at some major matches. Knowing this, that was the first thing I asked the owner about. I know a lot of shooters will go straight there after the match(I will), so I wanted to know our equipment was going to be safe. He said he didn't like the idea of having 50 pissed off shooters in his parking lot, so he would have extra security there.
  7. No problems here. It's not a strip joint. It is a restaurant with a full bar and pool tables. Smoking is aloud but most of the customers dont. My wife dont smoke and she has never said anything about it smelling like smoke and she would. Their is a big non-smoking area to eat in too. I dont like smoky places myself, so I wouldn't recommend it if I thought it was a problem. Also dont forget, they will have extra security in the parking lot just for us.
  8. I've had some realy good steaks there and never got a bad one. McDonalds, Outback, Longhorn, I can eat at these places on almost any major match. Here is a local place that has great food and is recommended by a local shooter. I just don't understand why an out of town shooter wouldn't want to try it. If I were you I'd go the first night, so you will know where you'll be going the rest of the time your here.
  9. Mild, Medium, Hot or FLAMING,10, 20, 30, 40 or 50? Poppers, Monterey Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Country Fried Steak, Philly Cheese Steak/Chicken and more, with an ASS WHOOPIN ON THE POOL TABLE TO BOOT. What more can you ask for?
  10. I posted this back on page 19 and I can't believe no-one has posted a reply. Last year I posted Chef Lee's. OK, not everybody likes Chinese but, Meat and Potatos/Real Food and fun to boot at a great price? What's up? Where do you guys go to eat at major matches anyway?
  11. It's done, I'm in now. Thanks to the unfortunate shooters that could not make it. Now it's time to read the rules, again.
  12. +1, +1, +1 on the match and crew, it don't get any better than South River. Thanks Guys and Gails for another match to remember. YOUR THE BEST
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