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  1. I have used Blue Bullets for years and never had an issue. I agree with the majority. If they had a bad batch sneak through QC, they deserve a chance to make it right.
  2. I have used Blue Bullets for years and never had an issue. I agree with the majority. If they had a bad batch sneak through QC, they deserve a chance to make it right.
  3. For all those waiting, my advice is hang in there. I am glad I did.
  4. 200 more rounds today . No malfunctuons. With the new recoil spring this gun shoots a lot flatter .
  5. I got a chance to shoot my DVC 40 Limited today. I am thrilled. First and most important....200 rounds....no malfunctions of any kind. The trigger is a vast improvement over my Edge. I didnt measure it, but it is in the 2 lb range as advertised. Recoil is a bit lighter than my Edge. I am sure it will improve more tomorrow with a new 12 lb recoil spring (the supplied spring feels about 15 or 16 lbs and is a little heavy for my tastes). Anyway, the bottom line is, I am pleased with my purchase. It was worth the wait.
  6. When you get it check the grip screws. The 2 main screws on mine and another guys DVC were loose and we both lost the small front screw before we noticed. Also on mine the overtravel screw was turned in too far causing reset problemsSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks, I will do that.
  7. I have been patiently waiting since Jan. 30th for the call that came today. My limited 40 is at Dawsons and will be shipping out Tuesday. They do exist and are being shipped. I am more than a little excited. Before anyone asks, I will post a review as soon as I get some trigger time on it.
  8. Nicely done audani77! I totally forgot today was April fools day. I am not ashamed to admit "YOU GOT ME!"
  9. January 30th DVC Limited 40 Dawson Precision Also no idea where I am on the list
  10. I also had issues with .401's losing about 5% which would not chamber check. The Blue Bullets have 180 and 200 grain .40 cals sized to .400. I have been using these for a while and it is very rare to find a bullet which does not go plunk when I chamber check them. I had one out of the last batch of 500 which would not chamber check, but the rest do. I am using a Lee U sizing die and crimping to .421 with a OAL of 1.18. They shoot great in my Edge. Hope this helps.
  11. Will you please add me for Limited A77480? Thanks
  12. Since we're throwing opinions in here....I have been using The Blue Bullets for about a year. Their prices are as good as any out there, and being local in NC, I can have them delivered to matches and save on shipping. Plus they are very supportive of the shooting sports. They sponsored the USPSA SC Sectional last weekend and offered 10% off to every competitor. If you look at their website, they have several other ways to save, with different contingency programs.
  13. I am glad you figured out the leading issue. I have just gone through my first 1500 rounds with no sign of any leading. I have placed another order and am very happy with them also.
  14. I am a bit surprised that you got leading with these bullets. I have just finished shooting my first thousand of the .40 195 grain loaded with 3.8 gr clays at 1.185 OAL. These just barely make major out of my Edge. This past weekend I shot back to back matches (close to 300 rounds) then another 100 practice rounds on monday. I cleaned it on monday night. No sign of leading, no smurf juice, just the usual powder residue which cleaned easily. I have loaded about every bullet available on the market, and these are as good as any I have tried and better than most. I will be interested to he
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