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  1. I was just thinking to use it as an external storage device. However after reading some online topics, this isn't a great idea for me to use, referring to what Bill Noyes just posted. I will probably just use Google Drive to store additional data.
  2. My Laptops Motherboard just Fried Out And Is Not Worth It to Replace. My Question Is If I Get An Android Based Tablet, Can I Hook The Laptops Harddrive, Which Will Be In An External Enclosure W/Usb Output, To The Tablet? Thanks,
  3. GunCat, Thanks For That Info. One Of The Posters On That Page Is The Person I'm Trying To Help Out. Thanks Anyways.
  4. There is a guy on a local gun trading forum that has this S&W SS-39 that he is trying to find out the gunsmith and any info. It has a Triangle on the right side of the frame. Inside the Triangle are three circles with a letter in each, which is "B" on the top circle and a "I" in the other two circles. I have posted the pics he has on the forum. Any idea who this is? Thanks,
  5. I just shared this on my facebook page. I try to repost all Positive outcomes. Duck, glad your child was ok.
  6. Stein, I purposely left out any links or names from the post because I didn't want to call out the person by name, but to remind everyone to watch what they say, especially to media outlets. Please remove your link.
  7. On Friday, Feb 08, 2013 in Atlanta Ga, there was a rather large, peaceful Pro 2A rally at the State Capitol. There were several people there with loaded, holstered handguns and several of those also had their AR's and AK's slung over their shoulders, some with mags inserted, some with chamber flags. I believe it was a sucessful rally to show the majority of gun ownership can and do present themselves in a professional manner. Now onto the Negative part of this rally. There was a Pro competitive shooter and Instructor on site (no, I will not share this person's name, gender or a link to said news report, you can Google it on your own) who was interviewed by the local news crew and this person stated how nervious they felt with all these people with their rifles slung over their shoulders, it was a little too much for them. This hit me right between my eyes (ok, it was my hand smacking my head in disbelief) that this person would actually make this statement on a Major local news interview. This is all we (gun owners) need at this time. I can hear all the gun grabbers stirring the pot now, making statements like, "Even one of their own Professionals said they were nervious about all the evil Assault rifles and their Assault clips walking around like Rambo"! I mean, come on, really, you had to make THAT statement on the news. Hopefully this small rant will open the eyes of everyone who reads it and maybe pass the story to others, to always speak in a Professional and Positive manner when speaking about gun ownership and our 2A rights to anyone, even other gun owners. Ranting over, thanks for taking the time to read this.
  8. I have a Colt, Dept of The US Navy, slide with a Wilson .45 barrel and single chamber comp. Any idea what it might be worth? Attached are the pics. Thanks for any help guys.
  9. Possibly you mean Hurricane Irene? http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=14397525
  10. I just started about 2 months ago, have 3 brews bottled already, all extract brews. A Killians red, a summer ale and a Shock Top clone. I love this hobby. Had to find something new to do, since can't do much shooting anymore, due to crazy work schedule.
  11. Spent the afternoon, sitting on the porch, enjoying the spring weather, with the wind blowing strong and drinking some new craft brews. Only 4 Weeks til vacation at Hilton Head Isl, SC. Can not wait to get away for a week. That is all, you may resume your lives for now.
  12. Bill, is this the same Rosie from the South River Area6 matches from a couple years ago? The guy with the junior police cadets? What a great hard working person he was.
  13. I just found out about this rock band the other day and wanted to share with the Enos crowd. The lead singer is a former Navy medic that was attached to Marine sniper unit. Very supportive of our military and US gun rights. Their website is http://madisonrising.com and can find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/madisonrising#!/madisonrising?sk=wall Please check them out and share the word on them if you like them as well.
  14. Dr Woodhams did mine over 12 years ago. He was one of the pioneers in the US for Lasik. Very pleased with the surgery.
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