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  1.  is it still for sale ,could you explain what comes with this, any pictures available.


  2. I use the Dillon swager when loading, also. Works well with the MBF.
  3. I file and then smooth the shape of the decapping pin to eliminate this problem. The Dillon pin never lasts me through 1000 rounds. I process brass on one tool head and load the processed brass on another tool head.
  4. I like the Lee decapping die on my 1050. Welcome to the club. I love mine!
  5. I didn't have good luck with the bearing kit. Have the other two upgrades mentioned and recommend them both.
  6. Has anyone come up with a good design to mount the micro switch for finished round counting?
  7. Get the 1050. I did about 5 months ago. I love it! I did the Mr. BulletFeeder at the same time. I recommend it!
  8. As title says.. Powder funnel (.45 acp) is sticking in cases. I polished the snot out of it and it still requires a jerk to get out of the case when cycling my S1050 on the upstroke. Any ideas?
  9. I had 3 upside down primers out of the first 1100 loaded.
  10. As title says, need to replace the chewed up index pawl. Not sure which side to drive its pivot pin out..
  11. RF100 arrived yesterday. Seems to work great thus far. Very happy with it.
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