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  1. I just received a new trimmer from Giraud and I'm having the same issue as Cworks. Mine isn't as bad, but the chamfer is not the same depth all the way around. Doug is giving me the same explanation as he is to Cworks......stating that something is probably wrong with my Dillon sizing die. Whether I'm making 223 plinking rounds or 223 'semi' precision rounds, does this slight variation on the chamfer affect accuracy at all? Is it that big a deal? I'm starting to wonder if i should have bought the Dillon trimmer and scrubbed the whole chamfer/debur thing.
  2. It's leaving a ring on my Horny 75 gr HPBT's. I am, however, considering switching to 77 gr SMK. If they don';t get the ring, all the more reason for me to switch.
  3. Excuse my thread jack, but you guys would be the ones to ask. My Dillon 223 seating die indents the bullet creating a ring around the bullet. I tried polishing the seating stem where it contacts the bullet, but I wasn't too aggressive. Still having the problem. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to solve this? THX
  4. Rifles for me, but I'm open minded and realize someday I'll enjoy pistols more. Shotguns? Couldn't care less about those.
  5. This has also happened to me from time to time, and it was a brass shaving, every time.
  6. Thx dude. I wouldn't wouldn't miss out on this great hobby. Brian got me back in it quicker!
  7. YES. In my case, no matter where my hand would have been on the pickup tube, I'da been screwed. With the RF, it's a dual wall tube (like the primer magazine on the machine), and I can grasp it midway up. Even if it ignited, primers would escape each end, but the middle of the outer tube wouldn't rupture probably. It's not the end all, but with eye pro, gloves, and an RF, I'd be willing to get back on the horse and continue this hobby that I enjoy so much.
  8. As some of you are aware, I had a little kaboom incident a month ago ( My link ). After all was said and done, I asked Dillon very politely to sell me an RF100 at their cost in order to get me reloading again. It was something to at least make me feel safer, therefore allowig me to reload again. Dillon wasn't obligated to do this and I know I'm not entitled to it, but it would have been nice for them to help out. They chose not to. As a second and final resort, I asked Brian Enos whom I have bought all my Dillon stuff from, if he wouldn't mind doing this. I simply explained to him what happened and referenced the original thread. I heard back from him very quickly, and he had the 'can do' attitude. I couldn't believe how quickly he was willing to take care of me on this. When searching where to buy my Dillon stuff from, Brian Enos' name came up repeatedly. I was happy to go with him then, especially for his good advice, but am very happy that I went with him now, since his customer service is very clearly second to none (including Dillon). Thanks Brian, you have a customer for life!
  9. Yes, that is true, one could make that argument. My request for them to help me out with an RF is strictly a request, definitely not a demand. If they said no, then that's that. However, I won't get into what the incident has cost me. Although I thank god for sick time and full medical benefits, it's still costing me a great deal to be off for over a month.
  10. Yes, as an above poster stated, I hope people don't get freaked, nervous, or refrain from beginning this great hobby. But yes, be aware, more aware than ever, that even when you are doing things carefully, or a 'mundane' task, that chit can happen. Thanks for all the support and well wishing. Currently, my press is grounded and ready for loading, but I am refusing to reload until I have an improved priming system. Currently, I've talked with someone at Dillon and I've requested an RF100 at dealer cost, not cuz I think they're liable, but I know my incident has sold at least 5 RF's, and I think it'd be no skin off their back to do so. Besides, I'd think they'd like to keep one of their customers in the game. Thanks again everyone!
  11. If you are talking about popping a good primer out of a case, and re-popping it back in to a case? Not even remotely in my vocabulary. Even before this incident, I would have been too chicken to try something like that. Besides, the primers I used were straight out of a fresh pack.
  12. I agree with all you wrote, but the above statement is HUGE!!! I am in the process now of doing just this, and will not resume loading until the above is met. FYI, below is a pic of an $8 thermometer/barometer I got at Walmart. What's neat,too, is the back is a magnet, so it easily attaches anywhere that's metal near your bench, without drilling excessive holes. After my incident, I strongly recommend this. One friend in the military told me they don't do anything unnecessary with ordinance if the RH is below 25%
  13. Bummer dude and glad to hear you're alright. Also,good job on wearing your eye protection! Every day is a learning experience, I'm guessin you'll just be using your own reloads from now on.
  14. Alright, after my little kaboom and after seeing Steve's steel outer tube, I got to work on one today. This isn't the answer, this is just a last failsafe in case the KB happens. Some ways to help avoid KB like mine are: -Ground the machine -Ground myself (wrist strap) -Don't reload on dry days (waiting for days above 25% RH has been suggested) I am going mostly with Steve's idea with a few small little differentiations -My steel is cut to the longest possible length while still being able to use the original pick up tube how it was designed. -the inner pick up tube is held in place by 4 opposing set screws -the retaining clip is now a zip tie -an ice pick bent to 90 degrees will serve as the clip puller Here are some pics: These will be modified tomorrow to hold the tube (if it can be done in a stable manner).
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