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  1. Gadgetech

    "What's your lowest price?"

    I had a motorcycle for sale a while back and this guy offers me $2500 less than I'm asking and wants me to drive round trip 240 miles to meet him halfway. I told him the lowest I'd take and he says he can't do it so I said fine, have a great day. He contacts me a week later to offer me $1000 less than the week before, so a total of $3500 less than I was asking. I suggested he not contact me again. Some people can't quit. Sent from my Lumia 920 using Tapatalk
  2. Riding my Harley and playing music.
  3. Gadgetech

    Anyone else prefer handguns over rifles?

    Small bore silhouette is what .17? I came across a thread talking about small bore that I'll have to revisit.
  4. Gadgetech

    Anyone else prefer handguns over rifles?

    LMT makes a rifle that has caught my attention. The ability to switch out barrels is interesting.
  5. Gadgetech

    Anyone else prefer handguns over rifles?

    I have two 1911s both Springfield armory. A TRP and a Lightweight champion operator. I also have an Hk USP compact in .40cal. Ive thought about a Dan Wesson but what might you look at if you were going to by something new around $1500 give or take?
  6. I ask b/c I only own one rifle and that's because it was an inheritance. I've looked into AR platforms as well as precision rifles and the more I look, the more I lose interest and start thinking about how nice a pistol (1911 or otherwise) I could get for the same money. Now where am I erring here? What do y'all like and why? Just trying to look at this from all angles and I'm curious about what you like and why. I must be missing something.
  7. Gadgetech

    Mega AR-15 lower receivers

    A buddy of mine has had one for several years with no problems.
  8. Gadgetech

    Thoughts on my first .45 load - and a question

    Thanks for the reminder PC. I need to find somewhere to shoot that I can put up a chrono. I have done some reading on them and it seems they work better outside than in. Looks like a trip to to the state range. Sent from my WP7 using Board Express
  9. I have loaded all of 11 rounds of .45 cal Hornady XTP 200gr JHP. I my information from the latest Lyman manual. According to the manual the OAL was to be 1.178 and 3.9 gr of clays powder. I loaded only one round at 1.178 which seemed to be a little short so after doing some looking on this forum I decided to adjust the OAL to ~1.2 which looked better. When I went to the range today I shot about 50 rounds of factory loaded 230gr remington before firing my own loads. All went well but my question is around the felt recoil from my own loads. I gather that 3.9gr of powder is kinda light. I do like to have a little more snap when shooting so what would my next step be? Move up to 4.x grains?
  10. Gadgetech

    Glasses vs. contacts

    baa - I have an astigmatism as well however my vision correction is 1.5 in both eyes. I wear soft lenses but they are daily wear. Wear them once and throw away. No cleaning but they are a bit more expensive.
  11. Gadgetech

    Glasses vs. contacts

    I've been wearing my glasses for the last few days to see what it would be like and while it isn't the end of the world, I do prefer my contacts. The constant pushing the glasses up on my nose is aggravating and I don't think I could get a lighter pair of glasses.
  12. Gadgetech

    The Cleanest Burning Powder

    Palmetto... Yeah, I read these posts then go to other boards who all have DIFFERENT comments about the same powders.. I agree the 'old' Unique was dirty...I loaded for a short time in the mid 80's while shooting .44 mag competition. BUT...just like you have your go-to...Unique is mine. Why? 1. There are recipes for all my calibers in all the bullet variations I load. 2. It's a compressed load from .40 down...can't double charge...well, you could, but having to use the shop vac on stage 2 is a dead giveaway 3. It's right in the middle cost-wise. 4. Never had any bad powder (yet..knock wood). Was at the range once and witnessed what could only be described as a 1911 turned into a musket pistol. Click..ssss...BOOM!...ssss....lot's of smoke. When I asked the guy what powder he was using I think he said something like "HS123" ? He shot about two more rounds and packed it up...grumbling about the powder. Again, my Unique loads always go boom. 5. Since I clean my weapons after every range visit...dirty is relative. I also only shoot at an outdoor range. 5. I don't major or minor...I just load range rounds. My carry ammo is always factory. So for me..Unique works fine. Oh..and I have tried others...I also like #2 and #5 but there are no recipes for all calibers using these. I am actually looking at Power Pistol and Tite Group for some loads...might work them out over the winter for some snow days at the range. You lost me with number 5... J/K Sent from my WP7 using Board Express
  13. Gadgetech

    Beginning of my reloading bench

    I finally got my 550 all setup, here are some pics! Found this little light to help see the powder charge, now I just need a little mirror or two. The light is attached via a magnet at the base of the light itself. Side 1: Side 2:
  14. Gadgetech

    Crimping die ?

    After I was able to double check my process to set the die based on what Sandman suggested, I got the die properly set. As he indicated, I was using an already belled case. Having the case gauge is a handy device for determining the bullet/case will fit the barrel. Thanks everyone for the very timely answers to my question.