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  1. Palmetto... Yeah, I read these posts then go to other boards who all have DIFFERENT comments about the same powders.. I agree the 'old' Unique was dirty...I loaded for a short time in the mid 80's while shooting .44 mag competition. BUT...just like you have your go-to...Unique is mine. Why? 1. There are recipes for all my calibers in all the bullet variations I load. 2. It's a compressed load from .40 down...can't double charge...well, you could, but having to use the shop vac on stage 2 is a dead giveaway 3. It's right in the middle cost-wise. 4. Never had any bad powder (yet..knock wood). Was at the range once and witnessed what could only be described as a 1911 turned into a musket pistol. Click..ssss...BOOM!...ssss....lot's of smoke. When I asked the guy what powder he was using I think he said something like "HS123" ? He shot about two more rounds and packed it up...grumbling about the powder. Again, my Unique loads always go boom. 5. Since I clean my weapons after every range visit...dirty is relative. I also only shoot at an outdoor range. 5. I don't major or minor...I just load range rounds. My carry ammo is always factory. So for me..Unique works fine. Oh..and I have tried others...I also like #2 and #5 but there are no recipes for all calibers using these. I am actually looking at Power Pistol and Tite Group for some loads...might work them out over the winter for some snow days at the range. You lost me with number 5... J/K Sent from my WP7 using Board Express
  2. That must be a lot of the draw too is minimal equipment needed. What are the favorite sites I can learn the crossfit activities? Sent from my WP7 using Board Express
  3. What are twitch muscles? My wife and I do have a membership to the local Y and I've thought about doing some spinning classes and body sculpt type classes. I've heard great things about crossfit but another $100+/month isn't in the budget at the moment. Again, I appreciate all the advice you've given!
  4. Thanks for all the great advice. I am diabetic myself but would really like to get off the pills. None of the men in my Mom's or Dad's side of the family live long and I'd like to improve my chances.
  5. Congrats on the weight loss! I agree 100% with that as it is easy to create a reason to not go workout. Coincidently, I quit smoking cold turkey 5 years ago. Sent from my WP7 using Board Express
  6. Besides needing to get into shape for health reasons, I'd like what I'm doing to be supportive of this sport. I'm 37 years old, 5'11", 235 and built like a doughnut shop and the way I see it my ideal weight is probably around 175ish. Anyone want to chime in on what type of training regimen I should start? Obviously cardio will be huge for the weight loss and I'm thinking cardio coming from an eliptycal rather than running/walking. I'm not very familiar with what I should do for weight lifting in terms of what, how much, how long. Light weights/many reps or heavier weights/fewer reps & are you talking machines or free weights...etc Obviously the diet needs to change as well but I think I can manage that part. I'm also curious how long I should expect to take to lose the weight and start seeing benefits of the hard work. Thanks for the advice/info.
  7. What's the update on the cleanest burning powder?
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