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  1. I've been using it a few months now, and it makes cleaning my dedicated .22 AR upper easier. Gunk wipes right off of the bolt. I used a heat gun for the first couple applications. I have had issues before in South TX with guns getting absolutely caked with dust, and I thought the paste would help alleviate that. So far it has worked really well. One of my buddies even ate some last hunting trip... he said it tastes waxy. It is kinda weird having a gun that smells like mint, too.
  2. rock river sells an "oh shoot" kit for around $15 that includes an extractor spring, ejector, cotter pins, detents and such. They also have a RRA bolt repair kit for around $30. I like to have those on hand when I go hog/coyote hunting (I always talk myself into bringing a backup rifle anyways ).
  3. Thanks Brian, they have some good stuff on sale. CDNN has them for $25, but with TX sales tax it would end up being about the same to ship them from out of state
  4. I'm going to order a tacsol barrel for my buckmark and start doing some practice, but I can only find 2 of my mags. I know I had about 10 at one point, but I don't know where they are hiding. I was wondering about the cheaper (sub $20) mags from sportsmans guide: do any of y'all have experience with them? If not, is there some place to find OEM mags cheaper than $28 I would probably pick them up for peace of mind.
  5. I recently sold off a couple guns, and with the extra cash I picked up a used tac 30 for my 18" 5.56 and have been waiting for a deal on a primary arms micro dot with QD base for my .450 bushmaster. So, my buddy asks if I want to go pig/coyote hunting in south TX next week. Heck Yes! Then I realize that I have no short range optic for my 450, and the scope that's sitting on it isn't sighted in. I have two scopes for my 18", on larue mounts so I could swap back and forth. Neither of them are sighted in! I haven't reloaded in weeks, because I put it off till I cleaned up the garage. I finally have a chance to test out the 450 and I'm not prepared... I could order a micro dot, but I'm not sure if it would be here in time. Worse: it would be close to $185 with tax and shipping. But hey, at least I get to go hunting.
  6. On top of what these guys said, I used to have a 17c, the advice I would give you would be to avoid reloading lead bullets. That was a fouling nightmare that I would not like to repeat. I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to gun cleaning, but I could never completely get the lead out of those vents.
  7. rexican

    Shooters Math

    Oh, that math... My range is over 45 miles away, and I drive there once a week ($1.55 each way in tolls no less). My truck averages 16.5 miles per gallon... close to $20 in gas per trip... I planned on getting back into matches 2 months ago, but one thing or another has kept me from even doing that. I swear... if I didn't practice so much, I might actually be able to shoot matches again
  8. Thanks for the link, SLM. I have a 13# I can try out as well, but it feels a bit stiff. I'll have to wait till wednesday or so to try them out.
  9. Thanks Wide45 and Intel. After reading that I remembered I just ordered some replacement 10lb through 13lb springs to try in my dawson, and they're already in my range bag. A few minutes ago that light finally came on and I remembered where I put the Ace conversion. I remember seeing a thread awhile back (I don't remember which forum) on tuning these things for reliability. I'll search for that after I give this thing a thorough cleaning. It's probably been 10 years since I shot it.
  10. I have an old colt ace .22 conversion (somewhere) that I remember being complete minus recoil spring. Does anyone know where to find one/ what weight.
  11. I just realized its been more 2 hours and I've read through this entire thread... I guess I was about 9 years old when the magazine capacity ban went through, and I used to spend my allowance buying pre-ban beretta 92 mags. I know... I was a weird kid. So, I'm 12 years old, at this gunshop in College Station with my Mom, and I ask how much for the pre-ban beretta mag behind the glass. The guy behind the counter says: that's a 10 round mag. Being familiar with that exact aftermarket magazine maker(and apparently a confident little smart-ass), I proceeded to explain how you could tell it was a 15 rounder. As I continue looking around, I see him pull out a pen and start to fiddle with the basepad. The pad goes flying off, and the magazine spring hits him directly in the eye. Laughing, he eventually said to me: "yeah, looked like a fifteen rounder!" This was almost 15 years ago, and I still remember his face.
  12. I finally ran out of my .223 reloads before the holidays and put off reloading some more until after the craziness was over. My buddy gave me a call and told me I'm invited to his place to hunt in south TX for pigs, coyotes, and stuff I'd use a .223 for. For Chirstmas I built myself an 18" BCM barreled upper and haven't gotten around to shooting it yet. So, today I get back from work and dig out all my .223 components and make some rounds to sight in tomorrow and to shoot down there. I sorted brass, gathered my components, and got out my .223 shellplate for the dillon and slid the toolhead in to place... there was no decapping rod sticking out of the depriming station. There is nothing worse than realizing how big of an idiot I am, coupled with the realization that I will have to pay .40 cents a round tomorrow on my way to the range (when I have enough components to make thousands of rounds at home). I know with every squeeze of the trigger I will be grimacing with discontent. My only comfort is that I've decided it's high time to replace my old crappy mismatched sets of dies with a brand new set of Dillon dies from Brian.
  13. does it only happen when you load it to capacity? Can you load 6 rounds and replicate the failure? I was just thinking a burr on the spine that is in the front of the mag could cause a malfunction at a specific point. It does not necessarily explain the double feeding, but I'm curious. If for some reason you can't resolve it, I'll offer to trade you a working, unmodified 20 round pmag for your malfunctioning one. I have to modify 20 rounders pretty extensively for my 450 bushmaster (removing the front spine altogether and threading nylon screws into the follower to take up the lost space) and they still run perfectly...
  14. I like pistols more because I have a big ego and I think I'm pretty good at shooting them. I shot pistols merely for the joy of putting holes in paper (it was a lot cheaper and faster paced than rifle shooting when I was growing up). We used Rifles and shotguns for hunting, and I practiced with them before the season opened, but not much more. All that has changed, and I've almost got all my gear to shoot my first multigun match, but in truth I'll probably always enjoy shooting pistols more.
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