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  1. Anybody need lodging at Pro-Am? I have a room at the lodge and want to find someone to share expenses.
  2. Whatever it's called. Scoring on each stage will be time plus penalties. 2 on or 1A/B neutralizes target and incurs no penalty. Each stage will be worth 100 points; competitor with lowest time earns 100 points, everyone else in that division is factored from that time. Point is - Charlies and Deltas are not an issue as KC9 chooses his pistol. Complete rules, including scoring on match web-site: http://www.rock3gun.com/
  3. And remember this is 3GN scoring. 2 on paper or 1 Alpha to neutralize target. Pick the one that you go fast with. Keep the Mikes to a minimum and accuracy isn't the concern. If it's your first ProAm you are in for a treat.
  4. Dont you shoot a CZ as well? How do you like them for 3 gun? and abandoning them with safety or mag dump for that type of gun? I bought a CZ SP01 Shadow late last year from Matt Mink at Automatic Accuracy because I planned to shoot Production Nationals at nearby USSA in Tulsa. I bought a couple extended base pads and ran it in a state match in Arkansas to get some trigger time before Production Nats. Then it conveniently fit into the LEO/MIL division for the newly formed USCA 2 Gun Nationals. I've probably shot less than 1500 rounds thru mine but I managed to win both matches with it. For 3 gun starting cocked and locked with the trigger in SA, the trigger is actually shorter and lighter than my 2011's. The accuracy seems just as good for the kinda groups I shoot. (I don't shoot groups often enough.). The gun has run like a champ. It's a pretty solid 3 gun machine. If I was CZ or Auto Accuracy I'd be pushing it as such. The tuned gun I have runs about $1500-1800. So it's a few & cheaper than a bone stock 2011. Mags are way cheaper. Negatives are... Parts aren't even close to being as readily available. Short slide isn't as easy to grip/rack as a 2011. As far as dumping guns with safeties it pretty much isn't something I think about. Put safety on and don't ditch it in a manner that would deactivate the safety. Pretty commonsensical! Or dump mag and rack. I do both depending on the dump container. You can always run a sinkage side safety and just dump with the safety lever facing up to. Running a polymer gun cause it's easier to ditch is ridiculous IMHO. Nobody ever won a match cause they dump guns faster than everyone else. You just got ditch em smart and deliberate rather than throw them. Hope that helps if not send me a PM. Further to Jesse's point, if you get too comfortable throwing your Glock in a bucket you will eventually bounce one and obliterate the 180. Can't reply on 2011s or Polymer guns. I shoot a box stock Sig 226 that bought a couple of years ago for $340. It's cheap, eats any ammo, CHEAP 20 round mags, and I have learned how to hit cardboard with it. It has a de-cocker so it is about the same as dumping a safety pistol without worrying about the safety clicking off.
  5. Round counts will come out later with the stages. Bring 2x in case of re-shoots. Probably plan for 250 of each if you want to start now. In the past 3 years slugs and buckshot have been at a minimum. Last year there were none in the AM match. The most slugs I've shot there was year 1 in the 4x4 post shoot.
  6. I got in with iPhone. 2 failed attempts, then 3rd took. Whole thing was done by 9:30:03
  7. Great match!! again. This was my third. Squeezed out a 32nd place finish in AM. Here are the 5 stages I got on video. See ya next year!!
  8. Well, I have just spent the weekend at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY for the 3rd annual AR15.com Pro-Am 3 Gun match, sponsored by Brownells. You can read the forum for the match to see just how GREAT it was. I came away with a few pearls of wisdom that fit the match screw-ups category, either done by myself or I witnessed in others, or both. Hopefully these will be little lessons that others can avoid. Probably the one with the most impact on match score was done by a new found friend in our squad. His shotgun was staged, loaded to division capacity of 8+1. There were 11 steel plates to engage after the pistol part of the stage. So, do the math and it means you have to load 2, assuming no misses. Some decided to go ahead and load 3 as insurance. His pistol stage and transition to shotgun went fine. But, then he had a couple of misses with the shotgun. No problem, just load 4 instead of 2 while moving to a new shooting position, right? Wrong! Shooter forgot to put on his Load 2 belt. No Ammo!! In hindsight, he may have found 1 or 2 live shells on the ground, but at this point it wasnt top of mind. Had a stage designed as shotgun to pistol and back to shotgun. Match director decided to change it to shotgun only 23 targets. Be advised, your shotgun gets very hot if you shoot a box of shells in under a minute. Several of our squad burned themselves when rolling the gun upside down for Load 2 reloads. We are all trained to take our finger off the trigger when moving. That can cause a small problem with the AR if you place said finger on the mag release button in the middle of your run. Always remember your Oh S**t mag for just situations. (I did this one) Got an illuminated optic that shuts off after a prescribed time? Remember that so you stage your guns such that you will get to the one with the optic in time, or remember to turn it on. Speaking of optics, if you leave your rifle with scope in the air conditioned car and bring it into the hot air right before your run, it WILL fog up. Best to bring it to the rifle rack at the stage and let it acclimate. Hope this helps RB
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