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  1. yeah like a cheese grater / shear when you put a mag in.
  2. So I just purchased my first 2011, used, and it came with 2 mags. I have since bought 2 more mags and the difference between them is rather noticible. The ones that came with the gun have a high polish (not mirror, but close) and the stock ones are more of a dull grey. I guess the ones that came with the gun were tuned and polished. So how do you go about polishing mags? Also it looks like the ones that came with the gun (used of course) are slightly different in overall geometry. The back end is more squared off than the stock mags and the front are more angular than than rounded stock mags. Is this done when "tuning"?
  3. thanks merlin and joe... do you only run the 180s in matches? or do you practice with both.
  4. gjeepguy

    2011 for ESP

    adn are you talking about these dawson pads. http://shootersconnectionstore.com/Dawson-Base-pad-SVSTI-International--P703.aspx
  5. gjeepguy

    2011 for ESP

    can you post a pic of the milled magwell... i was thinking about doing the same.
  6. Joe, Not to change intent of this thread but being new to USPSA, ever since I first shot USPSA I heard you dont want to go to slide lock. I use Dawson followers (19 in mag 1 in chamber total of 20 rounds)that wont slide lock, when I first started I never ran my gun dry, just lately I guess just having so much blasting I have run my gun dry on more than one occasion. Slide lock would have saved me alot of time e.g. knowing gun was empty instead click and what the heck.... I need to reload insert mag, rack slide. Why not use Grams followers without modifying to prevent slide lock? I think most do it to prevent overinsertion of the mag into the gun. A 140mm mag could pass the mag catch and be forced to high in the gun resulting in damage to the extractor or ejector.
  7. I think I am just going to keep the button and just remove it for idpa. I can use the same mag catch, just remove the overzised button with an torx screwdriver. I found 3 more 140 mags for 45 each. I just need to raise some funds to get the 126mm for IDPA.
  8. Yup. Although I have to give it to STI. I wrote them an email on Saturday and they confirmed today that a new extractor would be sent to me for FREE! The pawn shop owner brought it by the gunsmiths shop the day he was able to sell it. It almost didn't make it on to gun broker. the guy had it listed on gunbroker for 1400? i wrote him an email and said i thought 1200 was a fair price. he changed it within the hour. nobody else bid on it... except for bubbagum. cost me 50 extra but i still think it was a deal at $1250.
  9. I agree. Check the followers to see if they are worn at the place where they engage the slidestop.
  10. Yup. Although I have to give it to STI. I wrote them an email on Saturday and they confirmed today that a new extractor would be sent to me for FREE!
  11. Took it out yesterday. Shot really well. No problems until.... The extractor broke. 30 rounds. I guess that's the downside of a used gun. Got a new one on order from 1911store.
  12. I don tknow if it will effect sighting it in.. but it looks crooked to me. does it look crooked where it bolts to the frame?
  13. well it came in on friday and after a detail strip... it is looking pretty good. The action is smooth as glass with no rattle. The bushing is still tight. Now I need to find some mags. It came with two 140mm with Dawson pads. I need some more 140mm and some 126mm for IDPA. I havent had a chance to shoot it yet, but I am really excited to get into some competitions.
  14. can one of the MODS move this to the .40/10mm section... thanks.
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