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  1. Thanks for posting, some bad-looking Infinity's. I'm going to stick with the stainless finish option. I wasn't aware that you could polish hard chrome to that degree, that's pretty wild. Not too many CrN guns out there I see?
  2. I had to do the same thing on my Limited, as the hole in the dovetail was MUCH larger than the tiny Dawson set screw. I flattened a small piece of shotshell shot, matched it to the size of the hole, and pressed it into place. Then the Dawson set screw had something to bite into. In the dovetail I applied Loctite 609 retaining compound, which is meant to glue sleeves and bearings in place. It holds far better than blue Loctite.
  3. Awesome Infinity pistols, thanks for posting! I've ordered a stainless finish gun which looks similar to this A satin stainless finish appears to be a more ghosted out silver finish in the grip, serrations, and a satin finish on the accents If you have a Infinicoat CrN finish, or a regular stainless gun, please post them up! I would like to see some real world photos. Thanks!
  4. I've just placed my 1st order with Infinity for a 5 inch sight tracker in stainless steel (not satin ss). I was having difficulty deciding between the CrN Infinicoat finish and the regular stainless finish purely based on looks. CrN looks very different in studio photos vs. photos with real world lighting. I was very much after the amazing look of the polished magwell, grip safety, thumb safeties, etc. that the stainless guns offer. Casey at SVI said if I went with CrN, the accents would looks similar, but not as mirror polished looking as the stainless. If you have either a non-satin stainless gun, or a CrN gun, could you post a photo of it please? And please indicate what finish you have. Thanks!!
  5. Nice pictures. I couldn't help but to notice that your new Stock 2 has the same abrasion mark under the beavertail as my Limited, straight out of the box. It kinda bugged me to see that on a brand new gun. Like how does such a mark even happen in that area?
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